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August 12, 2017 18:05

Repair of a private house with his own hands the roof

roof - one of the most important structural parts of the house, which is the protective barrier of the interior from the weather, wind and rain.But no matter how high quality and thorough, it was not done with the repairs can not be avoided over time.If repairs public multi-storey buildings - a lot of public services, the repair private property falls squarely on the shoulders of their owners.In the case of small lesions not necessarily refer to the builders of professionals, their services will cost dearly, but home repair roof with his hands - an excellent way out of this situation.


  1. Where to start?
  2. Select methodology roof repair
  3. Roof repair of different materials
  4. Video repair the roof of a private house with his own hands

Where to start?

Regardless of the coating material of the roof and its construction, the first step is to analyze the damage.First, assess its overall condition.This can be done by visual inspection of the roof from the outside of the building -

a lot of damage will be clearly visible against the background of a holistic coverage.Next, inspect the attic space where the presence of damp stains, puddles, rot, mold and damp on the ceiling and rafters, traces of water stains on the walls.To identify such defects will be easier in the rainy weather.If such defects become apparent after the bad weather, the reason most likely lies in the damage of the roofing material or joints.In case of periodic leak when some time has passed after the precipitation - in the roof, it appears to present microcracks.After the inspection, all defective places should be noted or chalk circle that during the repair did not miss.

Choosing a roofing repair technique

The second stage will have to deal with the cause that caused the leak.It may consist of: shifting elements or undermining roofing, mechanical damage to the base or the coating itself, the appearance of cracks, rust, corrosion or destruction of fasteners.After identifying the causes are much easier to understand how to eliminate.If you do decide to repair a detached house with their own hands the roof, the amount of repair work in the future will be determined by the material from which made the roof.

Roof repair of different materials

If the roof is made of cement-sand or ceramic tiles, the essence of repair will be to strengthen its design or the old putty joints replaced with a new solution.Recovery of metal roofing involves the elimination of gaps using the sealant, replace the entire sheet with extensive defects or the imposition of steel patches with little damage.Repair the roof of shingles must be done at a temperature of 5 degrees or higher, due to its fragility.The work consists in removing the damaged plitochki, removing the nails holding it with the subsequent installation and fixing of a new element.Chips and cracks in the slate roofs, sealed with cement mortar or special adhesive tapes repairs.Nails, fastening sheets of slate with each other, covered with varnish or oil paint to prevent rust.

Repair of the roof of different materials has a lot of nuances, more detail will tell you about this photo and roof repair home videos shown on our website.

And in the end, I want to add - do not forget about safety, and then the result will provide you a long and happy stay dry and comfortable home.

Video repair the roof of a private house with his own hands