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August 12, 2017 18:05


Polystyrene has become a serious alternative to aerated concrete and foam concrete, thanks to the wider scope of application, ease of manufacture, ease of handling and installation and better functional performance.


  1. Composition
  2. Application polystyrene
  3. Specifications polystyrene
    1. Comparative characteristics of various materials and polystyrene
  4. Benefits
  5. Disadvantages
  6. Video


It is a modern building material, belonging to the class of lightweight concrete composed of cement, polystyrene, water and some processing aids.One of its features - variable characteristics that are directly dependent on the quality of the component materials and their percentages.

cement combined with water, plasticizers, additives involving air and expanded polystyrene beads.Wood resin emulsified promotes the formation of air bubbles, which increase the thermal insulation properties.

Application polystyrene

Polystyrene is the basis for the production of blocks, wa

lls and slabs can be used as a solution to fill the floors and floors.Since polystyrene blocks are able to withstand high loads, they are used for the construction of load-bearing structures.The material has a different density, so that it can be used as heat-insulating material, and as a construction.

Specifications polystyrene

It is durable, lightweight, eco-friendly building material.Its properties:

  1. compressive strength (up to 3.60 MPa) and flexural strength;
  2. low thermal conductivity - lower than that of wood;
  3. ease;
  4. high fire resistance: the degree of flammability G1;
  5. excellent frost;
  6. shock-and crack;
  7. good sound insulation characteristics;
  8. ease of processing;
  9. low water absorption: moisture has no effect on the insulating properties of the material;
  10. excellent adhesion to most materials;
  11. biologically and chemically resistant: does not rot, is resistant to the appearance of mold;
  12. resistant to direct UV rays.

Comparative characteristics of various materials and polystyrene


Application polistirolblokov accelerates masonry, does not require the use of bulky machinery for the construction, which is especially useful in tight spaces.Polystyrene blocks may have the most diverse forms, they are easy to install, well-sawn and drilled.This increases the speed of construction and reduced labor costs.During operation, the material strength increases.

If we compare the material with his closest relatives in the class of lightweight concrete - lightweight aggregate, concrete, foam concrete, but it has such a quality as a fracture.Due to the fact that the material does not break or crack under stress, but only deforms, it is the main building material in seismically dangerous areas.The walls of polystyrene are able to "breathe" or promote air exchange.


material is not particularly pronounced deficiencies, but has its own specific features:

  1. wall fasteners hold bad, so bracing anchors must be made by special technology;
  2. material properties are very dependent on the quality of the components, so you must buy the material only from trusted manufacturers.Will help determine the quality of the material reviews builders are already using the material.

Thus, getting the notion that such polystyrene can make a choice in his favor.House polystyrene maximum comfort: it does not get hot in the summer, winter material ensures a good thermal insulation.After seeing photos of houses from polystyrene and video about its capabilities, we can understand why the material is gaining popularity.