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August 12, 2017 18:05


«brick of the new generation" - so often referred TEPLOBLOK, find wide popularity in almost all areas of modern construction.Let's see what TEPLOBLOK, and what kind of benefits allowed him to win the record levels of demand for building materials market.


  1. What TEPLOBLOK?
  2. main advantages
  3. Scope
  4. Specifications heatblock
  5. Species
  6. Disadvantages of thermal insulation blocks
  7. Video


thermal efficiency of the wall unit, or simply TEPLOBLOK - three-layer structure, which has a relatively low weight.Composition heatblock includes three parts, each of which performs a specific load function.

As a material for the production of the main (carrier) of the material is porous claydite.The internal cavity of the mold made of it is filled with polystyrene foam that acts as a highly effective insulation.The outer surface of the resulting structure is covered with textured keramzitbetonom.At the same time the finished surface of the block can have a variety of optio

ns decorative relief, the most popular of which are the "bricks" and "stone".

Thus TEPLOBLOK represents an impromptu sandwich layers which are held together firmly by two reinforcing fiberglass rods or basalt.

main advantages

Thanks to every single characteristic TEPLOBLOK technical characteristics, the material is a versatile new generation construction unit.And the judge that allow inherent insulating properties of blocks, among which:

  1. thermal efficiency;
  2. Budget (saving on shipping and working mixtures for laying);
  3. possibility of using "rapid construction";
  4. ease of use (blocks have a geometrically exact shape, light and texture, which seriously facilitates their laying);
  5. durability;
  6. fire safety (domestic "fuel" the liner of polystyrene foam treated with flame retardant even at the manufacturing stage);
  7. aesthetic appeal and variety of options for exterior finishing material;
  8. environmental safety.

All these advantages allow to safely be called heat-insulating material of the future units, the ability to open new horizons in matters of construction.


TEPLOBLOK widely in demand in the construction of load-bearing wall structures of various kinds of buildings and structures.Less often (due to their size) material is used to create internal partitions.

main scope TEPLOBLOK is a low-rise residential buildings, as well as objects of economic destination.However, if additional reinforcement material carrying part, its use is possible in the construction of higher construction sites.

Today insulating blocks are widely used in so-called "rapid construction" by allowing them to maximize the operational, budgetary and netrudozatratnoy laying in the wall structure, which, moreover, does not require further finishing before entering the facilities into operation.

Specifications heatblock

comply with the relevant regulations TEPLOBLOK possess the following characteristics:

  1. density of the outer layer of expanded clay - 1800 kg per cubic meter;
  2. carrier density (inner) layer of expanded clay - not more than 1690 kg per cubic meter;
  3. keramsit class in both layers - not lower than M200 (B15);
  4. frost decorative layer - F100 (100 or more cycles);
  5. frost carrying keramsit - not less F50 (50 or more cycles);
  6. resistance to heat transfer coefficient - 4.78 m 2 * ° C / W;
  7. thickness of the inner layer keramsit 150-200 mm;
  8. thickness of the insulation layer - from 160 to 200 mm;
  9. thickness of the outer layer - 50 mm;
  10. weight of one unit does not exceed 31 kg;
  11. dimensions heatblock privates - 400 * 200 * 400 mm;


Modern manufacturers offer a variety of types of thermal insulation blocks, which is based on differentiation:

  1. degree of strength of the carrier layer (mainly used concrete block marks M50, 75 and 100);
  2. used as insulation as polystyrene (normal or extruded);
  3. structural integrity of the carrier (solid or provided with cavities for additional reinforcement layer keramsit fittings);
  4. size and decorative blocks.

more detail to understand the varieties of thermal insulation blocks you will be attached to the article, photo and video materials.


thermal insulation blocks Despite the presence of a number of advantages over other building materials of the same class, TEPLOBLOK have some disadvantages.So, made of fiber-reinforced molded material samples bad leak air, which prevents "breathe" domestic premises were built with their help structures.This fact is evidenced by the numerous reviews of the owners of houses of low quality or unsuitable for the individual building blocks of samples of thermal insulation.

In addition, a relatively large (compared to bricks, for example) the size of the blocks do not always have "on hand" in the construction of the complex from an architectural point of view of facilities or the construction of houses on extremely small in an area.

In general TEPLOBLOK are inexpensive and easy-to-use building material, which allows in record time to build reliable, durable and aesthetically pleasing objects of residential and commercial purposes.