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August 12, 2017 18:05

gas silicate

gazosilikata - a modern building material, is rapidly gaining popularity.Silicate blocks can be used for the construction of buildings, interior partitions, etc.Fabric structure, with a small weight, have high thermal insulation properties.


  1. Specifications silicate blocks
  2. Advantages Disadvantages
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So, take a closer look, what gas silicate blocks.The composition of material includes:

  • lime;
  • quartz sand (fine or ground);
  • cement;
  • water;
  • pore-forming additive (aluminum powder).

Connecting these components form a porous mixture (or cellular concrete), which is under the influence of autoclaving hardens.Next, the sawing into blocks.

Specifications silicate blocks

has differences in density of the material.This parameter depends on the definition of its application.

  1. 350 kg / m3 - was used as insulation;
  2. 400 kg / m3 - do not build load-bearing walls, or serves as a placeholder for the walls of other materials;
  3. 500 kg / m3 - erect buildings up to 12 meter
    s in height;
  4. 700 kg / m3 - for the construction of multi-level structures.

gazosilikata has good operating parameters.Do not rot, does not age, virtually non-flammable.Due to its cellular structure, it has a low thermal conductivity.Another positive quality of the material is its precise dimensions.This allows laying on the glue mixture with a small seam the inter that the end result provides additional insulation.

silicate blocks are easy to mechanical stress (drilling, cutting, splitting, etc.).This gives the advantage of a variety of architectural construction forms no special handling and fitting material.For clarity, we recommend to see a photo and video review of this material.


use this material for housing construction is especially justified becausematerial has good vapor permeability, it will positively influence the climate in the room.An important property of silicate blocks is a high frost resistance.For example, if M150 brand brick has a frost F-50 cycles, gas silicate can have parameters over F-100 cycles (depending on the grade of material).

material in its environmental performance is second only to the tree.

In the opinion builders, the choice of silicate blocks as the main building material will significantly reduce construction time and reduce labor costs.The totality of these advantages affect savings.


With all the positive characteristics have gazosilikata have certain disadvantages.

main drawback is considered to be a weak resistance to tears.That is, when any deformation of the foundation, the formation of cracks in the walls of silicate blocks.Therefore, during the laying of the material it recommended further reinforcement.

Another disadvantage is the low compressive strength.It may occur in the shrinkage of the walls.It is not recommended to build from a small high-density blocks of the building.

silicate blocks are absorbent.Therefore, in bathrooms or other areas of its use is not recommended with high humidity.

When compared with the same gas silicate building materials (concrete, foam concrete), it will be more durable, and a little easier at the same strength of equal density.