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August 12, 2017 18:05


modern world prefers the new building materials.This unique high-strength, environmentally friendly, durable materials that are out of the competition to older peers on profitability indicator.It is such an innovative proposal arbolit (or drevobeton), production and use of which is occupied by many large construction-repair organizations.


  1. What arbolit?
  2. Dimensions and weight
  3. Specifications arbolita
  4. Application
  5. Video

What arbolit?

effective combination of natural materials with a special binder-hardener in the finished product is a kind of new building material called arbolit.Up to 90% of the components of wood-concrete blocks are natural natural substances.It is specially treated and compressed part of the most diverse plant product (hemp, flax, cane, husks, rice straw, cotton stalks) or of splintered wood waste.The final formula for wood-concrete products and crushed rock can be added, which will give strength and resistance to damage.The binder component is ofte

n selected Portland cement.To bring the weight to the desired consistency using water.

To most accurately realized rapid hardening cement tasks should move to block the destructive reactions of organic and mineral substances.In this end, manufacturers are asked to perform a particular mineralization arbolita filled with calcium chloride (food additive E509), calcium nitrate, water glass, or other substances.

entire manufacturing process arbolita been authorized by all applicable national and international quality and environmental standards of safety for human health.

Dimensions and weight

Dimensions and weight wood-concrete blocks may vary depending on the manufacturer.

  • 500h250h150 mm (1 weight unit of about 11.5 kg)
  • 500h250h200 mm (1 weight unit of about 15 kg)
  • 500h250h300 mm (1 weight unit of about 22.5 kg)
  • 500h250h400 mm (weight about 1 block30 kg)

specifications arbolita

resulting stone-woody mass can provide enough unique performance.Among the most important is to specify these:

  • average density of 500-850 kg / m3
  • compressive strength 0.5-3.5 MPa;
  • Bending strength MPa 0.7-1
  • reaches maximum thermal conductivity of 0.17 W / m * C;
  • limit water absorption is 85%;
  • material can withstand temperature conditions down to -50 C;
  • high sound insulation, fire resistance, biostability (V group admission);
  • Less than 1% shrinkage material.

These benefits are fundamentally different from those of wood-concrete blocks construction materials such as concrete, foam concrete.Thus, the use arbolita has become the most popular in the private or corporate buildings.


Insufficient arbolita average density (up to 850 kg / m3) does not allow the use of this building material for the construction of high-rise buildings.From wood-concrete blocks is permissible to construct a building height of no more than 3 floors.This may be residential, economic or industrial complex.Is it possible to restrict such properties arbolita a disadvantage?Solve specific developers, depending on the individual construction tasks.

Acute discussion of experts and practitioners in the discussion forums to discuss arbolita properties, advantages and disadvantages of using this know-how.Numerous positive reviews, as well as unique photo and video reviews to rule out even the slightest doubt as to the high quality of construction and repair work carried out by this building material.