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August 12, 2017 18:05


TECHNOPLEX (Technoplex) - an innovative insulating material, which is used for thermal insulation of facades of private houses, balconies and installation of underfloor heating.


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Thermal insulation system is presented plates manufacturing process which involves the use of nano-sized particles of graphite, substantially reducing the thermal conductivity and increase strength.

Extruded polystyrene foam has a uniform structure, which consists of air cells 0.1-0.2 mm.The extrusion production technique consists in mixing the polystyrene pellets and foaming agent under high temperature and pressure.

Scope TECHNOPLEX include individual and industrial construction sector.Due to its high resistance to mechanical damage, stress and humidity insulation is successfully used in all stages of the construction of engineering structures, from the pouring of the foundation base and finishing

the roof arrangement.TECHNOPLEX ideal for isolation "cold bridges" and the production of sandwich panels.In this case, insulation is necessary to acquire a thickness exceeding 20 mm, which provides for a specific L-edge.It improves the L-edge connection density plates and prevents the emergence of "cold bridges".

in private housing construction is suitable for extruded polystyrene insulation of balconies and loggias, basement and foundation, facade and interior walls as well as floors.


As you know, through the structure of the building is lost up to 40% of the heat.Thermal insulation of facades - one of the ways to achieve cost savings.TECHNOPLEX resistant to deformation and has an excellent level of water resistance.It does not rot and decay over a long period of operation.Internal insulation is recommended when you can not change the facade construction and insulation needed to eliminate the loss.

Through tight connection plates Styrofoam provides low vapor permeability and water resistance.The material does not lose its technological characteristics, even under conditions of 100% humidity.

High TECHNOPLEX durability guarantees protection against all kinds of mechanical damage, it can be used for exterior wall decoration.The process of installation quite simple and easy: the material lends itself to processing using a hacksaw.

TECHNOPLEX is not subject to bacteriological attack.The absence of formaldehyde in its composition ensures absolute non-toxic.The material is environmentally friendly and poses no danger to human health.

The performance, ease of handling and installation, as well as high energy efficiency makes extruded polystyrene attractive not only practical, but also the financial side.Compared to the foam it is 1.5 times more efficiently retains heat.

When installing insulation should consider its chemical instability to organic solvents, petrol and bituminous adhesive.

Specifications TECHNOPLEX

  • thermal conductivity of 0.032 W / m * K;
  • compressive strength of 150 to 250 kPa;
  • fire resistance group G4;
  • water absorption of not more than 0.2%;
  • water vapor permeability of 0.01 mg / m * h * Pa;
  • flexural strength at least 0.3 MPa;
  • density of 26-35 kg / m3;
  • Operating temperature from -75 to +75 C.

If we compare the material with Penoplex, we can say that their characteristics are virtually identical.