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August 12, 2017 18:05


Grinpleks (Greenplex) - thermal insulation material produced from polystyrene.Its application field is quite wide - from the insulation of walls, roofs of houses, to be used as thermal insulation of foundations, road surface, etc.


  1. Specifications grinpleksa
  2. Application
  3. Installation
  4. Disadvantages
  5. Grinpleks and foam
  6. Grinpleks and mineral wool
  7. Video

Due to its unique properties,grinpleks, also can serve as hydro and sound insulation.

Specifications grinpleksa

So, take a closer look, what grinpleks.It consists of extruded polystyrene and has a plate shape.Due to the structural characteristics, the material has low thermal conductivity and a small weight.

The polymer-based no micropores, which eliminates the ingress of moisture into the cavity material.Therefore grinpleks practically does not absorb moisture.This enables the use of a heater without laying waterproofing.

When making a heater in the polystyrene melt is added a special ingredient - a flame ret

ardant material that prevents fire.As a result of the heat resistance test grinpleks added to a group flammability G1, but there is a video that refute it.

This material is not affected by rainfall, changes in temperature, does not crumble, does not shrink and does not rot.The heat insulator is resistant to chemicals.A further advantage of the material is a high biological stability, which prevents the destructive action of rodents, insects, mold and fungal entities.

Grinpleks is an environmentally friendly material that is completely harmless to humans and the environment.

minimum service life of insulation - 50 years.


material, due to their properties, can serve as a heat insulator:

  • railways;
  • pavement;
  • foundation;
  • roof;
  • walls;
  • floor;
  • communications;
  • refrigeration equipment;
  • airfield tracks, etc.


Insulation can be easily mounted.It is processed and adjusted for any desired size or shape.Cut the right amount of material you can use a knife or a saw with fine teeth.At the same time, heating plate does not crumble or crack.

grinpleks mounted special dowels or glue formulations.The relief plate surface contributes to its tight fit any building material.

walls, insulated grinpleksom can be painted.Therefore, it is possible to use a material for cladding facades of buildings and interior decoration.

For more, detailed information is recommended to see a photo and video review grinpleksa.


Among the shortcomings can be identified high sensitivity to UV (required coverage).A long exposure to high temperature insulation is subject to buckling.The relatively high cost.

However, in the opinion of people compared with many advantages, such disadvantages are not significant material.

addition, grinpleks has a number of advantages in comparison with similar types of heaters.

Grinpleks and foam

Both materials consist of polystyrene foam.However, foam produced from "sticking together" among themselves polystyrene particles.Over time, they fall apart.Particularly when exposed to moisture or by freeze-thaw cycle.

Grinpleks mineral wool and mineral wool

very exposed to moisture, quickly gets wet, and its basic properties (heat and sound insulation), practically reduced to a minimum.Over time, this heater sits down and gets off.Grinpleks not subject to any of these factors.