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August 12, 2017 18:05


Penoizol - a new generation of insulating material, in fact it is a liquid foam.Such consistency is very convenient, since it is often necessary to fill the heater niches, openings, and spaces in the walls between them.Available in powder form, which is using a special installation is processed into a material ready for use.


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perform these steps directly on the object, which reduces the time, effort and, of course, money.If you look at the reviews of those who insulate the room, we can see that the contact with the material is quite simple, workers do not even having the highest qualifications and extensive experience with penoizol.

Much attention should be paid when buying a powder structure - it should be fine to have a characteristic color, with virtually no odor.It is better to seek the advice of professionals, not to buy the damaged material, or a substitute.

course specifications penoizol will be discuss

ed later.It should be noted that they are high enough, and when compared to peers, the material is highly commendable.Of course, mention the shortcomings and, where actually there is little, and if desired, they can be turned into advantages.

Specifications penoizol

When beginning to consider the positive properties penoizol (cm. Photo, video reviews), first mentioned low thermal conductivity .This is logical, because the main task of the material is heat retention.If we compare with similar heaters, it is possible to conclude that he is superior to polyurethane foam, polystyrene foam, mineral wool.This is an excellent result, as well as high-tech materials listed.

Next we should mention such an important quality penoizol as high fire safety .This is important because the problem of obsolete heaters was that in case of fire walls began to burn from the inside - that is practically impossible to stop.Group of combustibility our insulator - T2.Again, the material is in the lead among its competitors.Physically, it can not ignite at high temperature melting (& gt; 210 ° C) and does not spread the fire.Here it may be noted that a very low smoke generation;smoke, which is very important, it is not toxic.

penoizol contender in the field of sound insulation is expanded polystyrene, they are virtually identical, only the second resonant at some frequencies due to the fact that its cell structure is not optimal in this respect.Yet, both the material pretty well not pass sound waves , that showed numerous tests.This is due to properties such as softness and grain.

  • 0,028-0,04 Thermal conductivity W / m * K;
  • Density - 8-25 kg / m3;
  • Compressive strength at 10% deformation - 0,07-0,5 kg / cm2 Flexural 0.10-0.25 kg / cm2;
  • Operating temperature range - from -50 ° C to + 120 ° C;
  • Sound absorption - 65%;
  • Water absorption - 10.5%;


Finally, we can say that the material Penoizol relatively inexpensive and suitable for any construction budget.Do not worry about the ecology and as safety approved by an international commission, to issue the necessary certificates.Studies have shown that the insulation does not have negative effects on a person (regardless of age) and animals.It is also safe for the home colors.At the same time, it does not infest insects, it is not subject to decay and desiccation.


Cons virtually none.The only thing you can mention - Penoizol requires waterproofing.This is because of its open-cell structure.At the same time we must understand that all analogs also need extra protection from water - without it anywhere.


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