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August 12, 2017 18:05


Penofol Insulation is used for thermal insulation of residential and commercial premises type.Building material has a foil cover may further have an adhesive layer.It allows not only to warming of rooms, but also to achieve enhanced sound insulation.It does not prevent air exchange and minimal moisture absorption.


  1. Species
  2. Specifications penofol
  3. Advantages Disadvantages
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Penofol divided into three types, depending on its structure.Foiled parties can be as one and two.Inside is a polyethylene foam, which provides a reliable safety of the set temperature.Use insulation can be for living rooms, office rooms, as well as for suburban buildings.

Species foil penofol following:

  • type A - covered with foil on one side only.
  • type B - two sides of the material are foiling.Due to such a structure has an increased material stiffness and strength.
  • type C - on the one hand has a special adhesive layer.Pretty easy to install and does not require additio
    nal costs for the purchase of adhesives.

Specifications penofol

penofol thickness may vary from 3 to 10 mm.The higher the thickness, the correspondingly better retain heat indoors.In addition, thickened insulation allows a soundproof room (32 dB).Breathability through the material sufficiently performed, which eliminates the delay of moisture in the room.Glued in rooms with temperatures ranging from -40 to +70 degrees.

Penofol Self-adhesive is ideal for quick and reliable insulation.His teplootrazhenie is approximately 97%.Material Type A less rigid, but also cheaper.His installation takes much more time and requires an additional application of glue on nefolgirovannuyu side.Type B is much easier to use due to the increased rigidity, but also needs pre-coating the adhesive composition prior to installation.

One of the most important characteristics of the material is high safety.Flammability penofol practically equal to 0. The heater even when the direct effects of the fire will not burn.In addition, all components of the material is environmentally friendly, so it is possible its use in children's rooms and bedrooms.


Not only specifications penofol indicate a large number of its advantages, there are other advantages.Affordable to buy goods for thermal insulation of large-area rooms.It is perfect for installation in the spacious living room, as well as for use in the conference room.

Illustrative photo penofol show how simple and effective at the same time its structure.Extra insulation will improve the reception of finding comfort or stay indoors.The minimum moisture absorption suggests the possibility of mounting in the kitchen.

Disadvantages On the negative material, the most important disadvantage is the complexity of its installation on the wall.The only exception is the self-adhesive type C. Another drawback - it is the low rigidity of the material.Penofol can not hang wallpaper or plaster to cover.Weight of finishing materials will affect the tightness and eventually insulation peeled off together with the components located on top of it.

In the video, describing the installation penofol, you can see its use for thermal insulation of the room.This option is suitable for private homes, and for non-residential buildings.Good air circulation will ensure that no collection of vapors on the surface of the material and the subsequent formation of mildew.But it is worth remembering that the use of insulation in particularly cold areas as the only protective material is not necessary.Only the presence of the external thermal insulation ensure high-quality temperature preservation.

number of deficiencies in the insulation is significantly less than its advantages.That's why most experts leave positive feedback about penofol, and it is widely used in construction and repair works.Excellent quality-price ratio allows you to purchase a roll of material at affordable cost.Also heater can be used again.After careful removal without damaging the integrity, the building material can be re-stick in another room.