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August 12, 2017 18:05


Penoplex (penoplex) - a building material that performs the function of a heat insulator.The production process of manufacturing of the insulation comprises mixing the pellets extruded polystyrene with carbon dioxide under conditions of high temperature and pressure.As a result, different material homogeneity of its structure, durability and low thermal conductivity.


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high degree of stability Penoplex to rot, and chemical modification offersthe ability to widely use it as insulation, both in the construction of new homes and for the reconstruction of old buildings.Depending on their specifications, insulation Penoplex divided into separate categories, each of which provides insulation separate part of the building structure.

Insulation for the roof.Penoplex Series, designed for thermal insulation of the roof to minimize water absorption, maintaining the insulating properties.

Insulation for walls, floor and ceiling is remarkable for its safety to human health.The thickness Penoplex (3 to 10 cm) ensures excellent performance of heat preservation, which is much higher level of a cheaper material such as eg mineral wool.

for everything warm floor with their hands should be used sandwich panel.Also, they are an excellent option for attic insulation.This will significantly reduce expenditure, because reconstruction can be carried out without the need for an analysis of the roof.

Insulation for foundation has biopersistence separate strength, low water absorption and high thermal insulation properties, thereby providing teplosohrannost basements construction projects.

Specifications Penoplex

Penoplex Wall:

Penoplex Roof:

Penoplex Foundation:

Penoplex Comfort: versatile insulation for roofs, walls, foundation, basement, bath, swimming pool, etc .:

Penoplex 45: used for thermal insulation of roads, railways, airport runways;This species has maksilnuyu compressive strength:

Specifications Penoplex determined:

  • performance density - from 28 to 45 kg / m3;
  • thermal conductivity at a temperature of (25 ± 5) ° C: 0,028-0,030 W / (m * ° C);
  • fire safety level (G1 - G4);
  • vapor permeability of 0.007 - 0.008 (mg / m * h * Pa);
  • compressive strength;
  • standard dimensions: width 60 cm, length 120-240 cm, 3-10 cm thick;
  • threshold resistance to temperature extremes (-50 to +75 ° C).


Properties Penoplex enable a realistic assessment of its strengths and weaknesses found.Among incontestable advantages stands out for his high resistance to fire and water absorption.In particular, the latter can significantly save the installation, because it does not require additional work on the steam and waterproofing.The high density of the material will provide a decent standard of teplosohrannosti.Thanks to impressive power resistance (2 - 3.7 kgf / cm2), the material is able to withstand high loads without collapsing for a long period of operation.For comparison, the foam has a resistance of 2 kgf / cm2.Easy installation is an additional plus, and long service life (50 years) adds confidence in the right choice of insulation.


Regarding deficiencies, it is worth noting the risk of attack of rodents, which can damage the material.This is not to say that this applies only to minus Penoplex since, this problem is highly relevant to any type, brand and category heater.

Reviews for use Penoplex once again prove the effectiveness, functionality and efficiency of the building material.Easy mounting technology allows independently to warm parts of the building structure.In particular, high capacity material is achieved by warming the interior walls.Its ergonomics is due to the small thickness, which will provide maximum thermal protection.

The site contains photos and videos Penoplex.This will visually assess the quality of the construction material, and to get answers to their questions.