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August 12, 2017 18:05

mineral wool

mineral wool - a natural fibrous product obtained from rocks and blast furnace slag.The construction industry is known as the most popular heat-insulating and resistant material.Material made of rock materials is very high quality and used for a long time.That is not true of mineral wool made of metallurgical slag.This wool is not very reliable and durable.She quickly loses its quality when the temperature drops, high humidity and different loads.


  1. Properties
  2. Technical characteristics of mineral wool
  3. Advantages Disadvantages
  4. Video

There are several types of mineral wool :

  • wool;
  • stone (basalt) wool;
  • slag wool.


This material has been used successfully in the construction of temporary and permanent buildings as well as in the construction of suburban facilities.In addition, the following important properties of the mineral wool should be allocated:

  • excellent fire resistance (due to ignite all contiguous to the material, and does not ignite
  • non-hygroscopicity (excellent penetration and prevents intensive moisture absorption);
  • parapronitsaemost (this is an important feature, because in some areas it is necessary to adjust the moisture level and to create thus a suitable microclimate);
  • High Attenuation (does not transmit sound waves through itself, so is widely used in the construction of night clubs, discos and other noisy establishments);
  • chemical and biological stability (excellent protection from harmful and corrosive substances);
  • ecology (composed exclusively of natural rocks, do not carry a no harm, it is checked by experts);
  • corrosion resistance (does not create corrosion of metals that are closely associated with it).

Technical characteristics of mineral wool

mineral wool density may be different - from 20 to 350 kg / m3.The desired density should be selected on the basis of its direct purpose.For example, if it is planned to insulate walls, it is necessary to choose a material with higher density will be warmed if the ceiling, it is possible to do less dense one.

Technical characteristics of mineral wool can also vary according to the variety of the material.

Each type your specifications, so you can specify the average for the material as a whole:

  • limit the heating temperature is 700 degrees Celsius;
  • thermal conductivity ranges from 0.03 to 0.1 W / m * K;
  • high hygroscopicity.

Photo and video review of mineral wool you can see on our website.Here are represented all of the above species.


Also, it is worth to highlight the benefits of mineral wool: it is very easy, fast and convenient set, perfectly protects against a variety of negative factors, is inexpensive and used for years.It is the perfect solution for modern building trade.


But there are drawbacks: it has increased fragility, often crumpled and compacted, may deteriorate into dust, and it feel good mouse.

In general, the reviews on the mineral wool quite positive.Many builders use it to insulate their facilities, despite the fact that it has some small flaws.This material is still popular thanks to their advantages.It will be used in construction until there is a better and cheaper alternative.