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August 12, 2017 18:05

Design a small bathroom

Unfortunately, in our country a lot of flats, built in the 60-70s of the last century for obsolete projects with minimum dimensions.A growing number of various home appliances require more and more places, and to which it was not enough.This problem is especially acute in small bathrooms.For these premises today presented a lot of design projects with the decision of problems of rational use of space.


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successfully developed design small bathroom in existing homes firstmass housing, allows owners of apartments are not only rational, but also beautiful to equip sanitary tiny room.Using relatively simple engineering solutions when planning the interior design of a small sized bathroom, developers are not only visually increase the size of the room itself, but also quite compact are arranged in the necessary plumbing tools and supplies of accessories.

Redevelopment small bath

often, for larger areas of space, you can perform the demolition of walls between the bathroom and a small bathroom.At the same time, the design of the convertible sanitary premises should take into account all the necessary technological requirements for its arrangement, which contributes to a lot of competent placement santehpriborov, pipework and ventilation elements.

visual extension of the space

applying various design finds, for example, the use of finishing materials, visually enhances the space, you can achieve what even a small bathroom in Khrushchev, will be sufficient for comfortable operation.

In addition, in some homes, for example, in the so-called "Dormitory" in the construction often erected bathroom with toilet bathrooms tiny size of the room in which installed sitz baths, which does not improve their design.This apartment has a very small size, do not allow to install a washing machine outside the bathroom, for example in the kitchen.Therefore, rationally developed a design project involves the installation of the washing machine of small size in a small bath under the washbasin.

This decision is fully justified from a technical point of view, because in this case, need to spend a minimum of utilities such as sewer and water.Having assembled the electrical network with special outlets in waterproof design and special grounding of all metal parts, it is safe to operate electrical appliances (washing machine, dryer, electric shaver), even in spite of the high humidity in the room a tiny bathroom.

rational design ideas

number of ideas that provide a variety of design solutions with the use of even a very small area of ​​the bathroom a lot.There was a need for such projects have led to the emergence of a whole industry associated with the development of a variety of solutions to optimal space utilization of sanitary facilities in small apartments.Proposed online photos of small and very small bathrooms design with an embodiment of the ideas to maximize the usable space, demonstrate the importance of the right approach to the planning and placement of plumbing fixtures, furnishing the necessary elements in such premises.

Guided recommended design solutions, each owner can arrange a comfortable operation bathrooms, despite their very small areas.In this case, the dimensions of the apartments themselves do not change, but at times increases the quality of the rational use of the space as a bathroom.

Photo design small bathroom