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August 12, 2017 18:05

Design bedroom 12 square meters.m

small area of ​​the room is not an obstacle for the creation of an attractive and practical interior.Design bedroom 12 square meters.m created a competent designer will effectively organize the space of a small room.Presented in the article ideas and photos to help you find a good solution and make the bedroom more comfortable.


  1. Magnification bedroom
  2. Rational use of space
  3. Photo Design bedroom 12 square meters.m

Magnification bedroom

first task when creating a design small bedroom 12 square meters.m - an increase in visual and functional room space.An effective measure in this regard would be the removal of the wooden floor covering, if any, and its replacement by a coupler.In addition, the use in the repair of mainly light colors (for floor, ceiling coverings, wallpaper, furniture) will allow visually increase the room.Another way to increase the visual space - to use in the interior of the small textured pattern (for example, on the wallpaper).

Another possibility of increasing the visual space of a small - use in the design of the interior reflective surfaces.A large mirror on the wall, mirror cabinet door coupe - the main thing is a sense of proportion: the excessive abundance of mirrors may look strange.In addition to using the actual mirrors, other options are possible: for example, glossy stretch ceiling light-colored flooring with a glossy surface.

Rational use of space

second task, which will have to decide when creating a design bedroom 12 m2, is the possibility of efficient use of space.This is unacceptable meaningless jumble of furniture: it will take away from the amount of space.Therefore, every piece of furniture should be as practical and convenient location.In this case the main emphasis should be placed on a bed: it must be the most significant in size piece of furniture in the bedroom.

The situation of small-sized bedrooms must distinguish minimalism.The best option - to restrict only the bed and bedside tables.In addition, optional small chest of drawers for clothes.This environment will allow to take a furniture minimum of 12 square meters bedroom interior design with the only benefit: a relatively large space with a small floor space will create a feeling of comfort.

Unfortunately, using the bedroom only for its intended purpose (as a place to sleep) is not always possible.Efficient use of space allows for a small room installation closet: its construction will take at least the volume of the room, and the height of the ceiling to allow the use of this volume to maximum advantage.

If you intend to organize a small bedroom workspace (for example, put a table and chair), the focus should be given to the selection of these pieces of furniture.Maximum compactness and ease in selecting the situation will allow to use the space efficiently.In the case of equipment workplace logical step would be to place it in the opposite side of the room from the bed: such a measure would competently organize the space and provide easy access to all the items of furniture.

Stylish and modern design bedroom 12 square meters.m is achievable using the above recommendations.When planning for repairs and the situation should not be limited given the advice: be repelled mainly by the individual characteristics of the room.

main criteria when designing the interior of a small room should be an increase in visual space and little rational use of furnishings.

Photo Design bedroom 12 square meters.m