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August 12, 2017 18:05

Design a bedroom in a classic style

Nobility and rationalism - it is with these words in the first place, the notion is associated in classical style interior solutions of any premises.Refined and, at the same time, rational atmosphere, successfully embodied in perfect combination of high-quality finish, cleverly and tastefully selected furniture items and accessories - that's what the design of the bedroom in a classic style.


  1. combination of gentility and grace
  2. Rationalism in a classic design bedrooms
  3. wide space bedroom
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Through skillful approach to accomplish the task on the design of the bedroom space, we can ensure that this room will not only cozy and comfortable sitting areas for their owners, but also the subject of their pride, the epitome of refined ideasand impeccable lines, as well as a symbol of prosperity, confidence in the future.

combination of gentility and grace

In modern realities clas

sic bedroom design implies a harmonious blend of elegance and gentility, no pretentious pomposity and pompous luxury.As a consequence, everything for the bedroom, in accordance with the ideas of classicism, its owners will need a lot of patience and true craftsmanship.Nevertheless, the result is worth it!After studying the photos and recommendations presented in the article, you can with the help of experts or even their own hands, to translate into reality gleaned ideas of the perfect design, to equip your bedroom in the style favored by the classic.

Rationalism in a classic design bedrooms

Design bedroom in a classic style in the house (cottage) or in an apartment in the first place, it implies a rational approach to the arrangement of the room space.Those who maintain order in the bedroom hard, classic finish and decoration of the premises is strictly contraindicated.For lovers of classical unacceptable abundance of extra, unnecessary interior items and accessories.For them it is extremely important that all the furniture and decor items in the bedroom are in place, but the room itself is contained in immaculate order.

wide space bedroom

Design bedroom in a classic style good for large area on the premises.Unfortunately, in small rooms embody the classical ideas is extremely difficult, therefore, there is a wide space is preferred.Ideal - a bedroom with high ceilings in a large house, apartment.


While developing the design project of the bedroom, it is desirable to devote priority attention to color scheme and interior decoration items.As a result, providing bedroom design in a classic style in light pastel colors, its owners will go absolutely true.The white walls and ceiling are perfectly in tune with the parquet floor made of precious wood.When choosing fabric window curtains, upholstery, four-poster beds, curtains and bed linen, it is to give preference to white gold, emerald, magenta shades with which the room was cozy, and its inhabitants will have the feeling of a royal comfort.

Lighting in the bedroom

particularly worth carefully approach the selection of lighting elements a bedroom.Chandelier with crystal pendants or shades - imitation candles, the ceiling should be present necessarily.Her good complement symmetrically hung bedside sconces appropriate design.Also, you can set the floor lamps, in harmony with the chandelier and wall lights.Decorators recommend to consider using mirrors, framed in a vintage frame.With their help, room lighting will look even more spectacular.


Experts advise owners of apartments and houses, equip bedroom design in a classic style, choose furniture in these rooms is made of natural material.Traditionally, furniture items for bedrooms, decorated in classical style, have made massive, with rich decor.In particular, it is sure to need to acquire or manufacture custom beds made of solid wood (oak, cherry, maple, alder, etc.) with decorative carvings adorning the head and legs.The presence of the canopy of the bed give the room a special and completeness, royal chic.Other furniture items, too, should be in harmony with the centerpiece of the room - the bed.Ideally, the desired purchase antique furniture or its successful modern interpretation.Bedside table, dresser, ottoman, ottomans - everything must be impeccable - expensive and good quality, but at the same time graceful and elegant.


No bedroom is unthinkable without various accessories - decoration items, which give the interior a charm and comfort.Classic style requires particularly careful selection of trinkets: statues, wall paintings, clocks on the dressing table, etc.They should be chosen with great taste.The very same number should not be excessive to bedroom looked immaculate.

Photo bedroom design in a classic style