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August 12, 2017 18:05

Design living room with fireplace

Since the construction of a private house or apartment repairs, often, ideas on arrangement really comfortable housing are taken not only from the pages of popular magazines, or the Internet, but also from the memoirs of View movies and read books.Therefore, living room with fireplace design - the first thing that comes to mind when planning the future of finishing the house or apartment.


  1. fireplace in the apartment and a private home
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permitting premises area, the presence in it of a goodthe fire seems like a sign of well-being and belonging to a select company.However, even in a small apartment such design solutions are readily available at very little financial and material costs.

fireplace in the apartment and a private home

total that combines design room with a fireplace in a private home and apartment - it's just the presence of the hearth, and even what type it is, this is

an issue related to the technical possibilities of exploitation of a particularhousing.It is clear that the construction of a full-fledged fire of coals, open fire and chimney, often difficult or even impossible to perform in a multi-storey apartment houses, in contrast to the mansion, where it is quite seamlessly.For such cases, the modern experts offer a variety of options for interior design living room in the apartment with an electric fireplace.

Externally, such a device can be so good to imitate all the attributes of this focus that only a closer look, you can find differences.The dimensions of the room, in this case, does not play a fundamental role.Even in a small living room-like design finishes with a fireplace will look organically in compliance with all fire regulations.

Options fireplaces in the living room

Due to the large variety of different types of fireplaces that differ not only by type of materials used, but also on-site, you can choose the best option from the point of view of the general plan living room.

Bulky fireplace with a natural fireplace, hosted in the center of the room, ideal for a large room in a country house.Its functions can be combined: in addition to heating, it is possible to cook food on the grill or rotisserie.

In addition, it is quite logical, as an option, install a fireplace at one of the walls, most likely, in the center partition.At the same time, it gets more space is logical to use as a basis for a design project, in which a living room with a fireplace, often combined with the kitchen and the dining room can serve as a living room for a large number of households and their guests.

Corner fireplaces are installed in a small cozy living rooms, the design of which is based on the ideas of rest before the burning fire (natural or simulated using electricity).Following the tradition, it can be set on either side of the fireplace of the large bookcase filled with books and various trinkets.

Regardless of the mounting location and source of heat, fireplaces may be formed from natural or artificial stone, as well as various types of brick or metal or of a drywall.The main thing that a fireplace arranged in harmony with the overall design of the room.

Photo Design living room with fireplace

viewing photos already implemented designs, every homeowner can find a suitable embodiment of the apparatus of this corner recreation.Indeed, the room, done in this manner finishes are not only comfort, but also give a sense of the chic.Sitting in the evening in a comfortable chair near the fireplace, reflecting soft light and pleasant warmth of the giver, it is easy to feel like a real English lord of an ancient castle.