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August 12, 2017 18:05

cabinet Design

Who does not dream to get his own office at home?This idea has visited everyone who has the opportunity to work at home.Own account allows you to keep their status, to emphasize their own style, and also a bit in an informal setting to chat with their partners at home.


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    1. cabinet design Choosing a room
    2. Orienting style
    3. Floor Finish
    4. Comfortable and functional furniture
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However, to acquire their own work area not to everyone possible.In modern apartments are extremely difficult to find a humble corner, where he could draw the design office.And if there is such a possibility, it is often a study puts the number of functions - workspace and, for example, a home library, or area of ​​family achievements.

In general, the design of the cabinet includes a working area, as well as elements of the interests and hobbies of all households.For example, one can often find interesting designs head office, decorated with trophies, obtain

ed independently while hunting.It can be exciting and memorable trinkets, imported from other countries.

tips registration

cabinet design Choosing a room

be understood that the work area should be slightly apart from the rest of the active zones of the house such as the kitchen, living room.Well, if the account will be issued in the attic, in the case of a private home.As for the design office to the apartment, there is a particularly capricious and do not have to choose - at the workplace is allocated any free zone premises.By the way, pay attention to the division of a large room, for example, living room or bedroom, in the work area.Dividing a room plasterboard wall, it can be a good idea to arrange the work of his life.

Orienting style

In the interior design office manager no strict requirements and regulations does not extend.It can be classic, can be rustic style, tech, minimalism.But in all cases in the study should be no straining and overly bright, or vice versa, dull shades that will strain and oppress.Keep calm and natural materials and colors.The perfect solution - cabinet design in pale shades of light green, as in the photo, which will provide a rush of freshness.

Floor Finish

carpet all over the floor - the most common variant of the floor finish in the zone.This method has a terrific sound quality, which is what makes it so popular.In case of registration of the natural design home office look at the flooring or terracotta tiles.Agree, parquet from ash and cherry creates a wonderful atmosphere in the room.To create a kind of home environment you can decorate a beautiful floor carpet, it will also allow zoning premises.Read the interesting photo cabinet design can be on the site, where the choice of ready-made designs sure to inspire something new and fresh.

Comfortable and functional furniture

Desk, chair, shelves and cabinets for documents and books - most office interior projects include only the most important pieces of furniture.But it is not necessary to restart the premise bulky items, it will only reduce the space.If reception is provided in the office, it is best to allocate this small sofa and coffee table, as in the photo.

Photo Design office

below provides a large-scale photos of design head office, which will help you to determine the direction and style of your unique design.