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August 12, 2017 18:05

Design loggia

a long time in small apartments, balconies and loggias is not attracted to the beauty, and used as a storage area, which were stored unnecessary things, and in the "best case" kept conservation, arrange the vegetable store.Today, the design of balconies and loggias turns even their modest dimensions in additional multipurpose room with a well-straddling furniture or turns into an oasis for relaxation.


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And so, if you are interested in design loggia, in the firstall you need to clear it, and to give up all junk without pity.So, what does the hand does not rise to throw out - to move to the country.Further, irrepressible flight of ideas and fantasies on arrangement may only limit the amount of usable space loggia and shape.Liberation Square can usefully be equipped, if the design of the interior design of the loggia, it all depends on the intended use and the ow

ners tastes.

design options loggia

Here are just a few options that can be converted into a loggia:

1. Arrange a "winter garden", for this design approach and a narrow balcony, as in the photo.For such an interior solutions need to mount special shelves and holders for flowers and install additional lighting to increase light of the day.This oasis will delight at any time of the year.

2.You can build a cabinet or a creative workshop.To do this you need to put the necessary furniture compact and can work in peace and do what he likes.

3. As you can see in the photo, the loggia can be converted at the gym or do a children's room.Buy the necessary sports equipment, set simulator or the horizontal bar, rings, wall bars - you or the child can exercise and play.

Panoramic windows in the design

loggia If you plan to use not only in the summer, you need to take care of its glazing.Design loggia with panoramic windows can be considered a good choice.Thanks to the excellent appearance, excellent daylight and the new interior options, the demand in the panoramic glass is constantly increasing.They visually expand the space, bring together the premises and the surrounding landscape.Notice in the photo design balconies with panoramic windows, and you will understand what is at stake.This room looks quite different, it seemed to sparkle with new colors, breathed new life.

Design balconies with their hands

important step in setting up the loggia have interior walls, ceiling and floor, which can be done by hand.It is performed by a variety of materials.It can be wood, plastic or wall paneling.The choice depends on your desires and material possibilities.The most expensive, but more environmentally friendly material - wood, it looks solidly and accurately.PVC panels are very popular and durable material.They come in different colors, patterns and textures.The panels are harmless to human health, keep warm and do not absorb moisture.You can dispense glue wallpaper, apply the plaster or paint the walls with paint.Impose ceiling paneling, plastic, simply make whitewash or false.Sex is best to put out evrodoski is a wood plate of different types of wood.

for lighting loggia electrical wiring to carry out better hidden.The choice of lighting depends on the purpose of the loggia and your tastes.

Photo Design loggia

In this article, following an extensive photo gallery, where photos can be found with many suggestions, ideas and design styles loggias.These pictures will help you get ideas and create your own unique design.