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August 12, 2017 18:05

Kitchen Design Studio

Until recently, Western trends seem to modern Russian man is impossible, but is now in conventional small-sized apartments, more often, you will notice changes in this format.For example, a kitchen design studio is a clear manifestation of the influence of the West, because this option is ideal for small apartments.It is there such a division of the space is already included in the plan, we have the same in order to recreate the project required a lot of acts and documents.If you are someone who would like to change your space who want to follow the trend of modern times, the kitchen-studio - is the best option for you.


  1. What is needed?
  2. Design styles and trends
  3. Tips
  4. Photos kitchen design studio

What is needed?

To create it in the first place, you need documentation.Because the spend any change of placement of the walls can not be without it.The procedure itself is not very fast, so you should be prepared that the collection of documents will take time.After that, wh

en all is authenticated and hence authorized can move to the project.

create it simply, if you take note of our pictures and ideas.They can inspire you on the perfect design that will not only be the best solution, but also a very nice option.To do this you need to draw a drawing placing all important facilities.These are - the furniture, the large household appliances.Depending on the location of the equipment and sets, you are just about to display and placement of outlets.This figure does not include the kitchen design project studio, because he thought out interior separately.

Once the drawing is ready, you can move on to the main task - thinking about options of how to design a kitchen-studio.Here, there are many options that have their significant differences.

Design styles and trends

First thing, you should choose the style.Recall that for the kitchen-studio, increasingly, choosing the latest styles - minimalism, techno, hi-tech.Very rarely perform design project kitchen studio in the style of Provence, or the English classics.The reason lies in the fact that the white color and wood decor looks far from harmonious.

very difficult to make the United cozy room, because in this case it will be strong enough to stand out from the general form of the whole apartment.In this regard, many refuse these areas and prefer the newer trends.If your goal - this kitchen design studio of 20 square meters.m, as in the photo, then pay attention to the three main aspects.

To space was beautiful, cozy and modern, it is important to choose the right color.To do this, select only the bright and warm shades.Serious error - a dark kitchen design studio, a small space it is even less.The second important detail - is the placement of furniture and zoning space.It prohibited in the work area to place the dining table, because it has a certain narrow purpose.The third aspect - the furniture - it has to be practical and multifunctional.


  1. If redevelopment of this type, consider that the lack of walls is the cause of the rapid spread of odors in the residential district.Therefore, you need to choose the most modern hood, which will save you from this problem.
  2. can not lose sight of the point that the right kitchen design studio is largely dependent on how well you will be able to carry out a visual separation of space.Therefore it is necessary to use in each zone in different finishes for walls and floors.For example, we recommend to see a photo gallery in the article.

Photos kitchen design studio