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August 12, 2017 18:05

Design bathrooms

bathroom - this is a very important room in the apartment, which gives a feeling of coziness and comfort of owners and guests.WC - a room that first greets us in the morning and the last before the bedroom escorts.From the design of bathrooms it depends on the first morning and the mood to start the day.Periodically, you need to change the interior - a small repair bathrooms always give a fresh new sensation and give an opportunity for a fresh look at ordinary things.


  1. style bathrooms
  2. option walls
  3. Zoning combined bathroom
  4. Photo design bathrooms

style bathrooms

Any design bathroom and toilet begins with planning.This will always help photo designs of bathrooms, which can be viewed, choose the favorite solutions or ideas.From the photographs or their own ideas, you can choose a certain style.If the bathroom is the most common variety of common marine style with fish, ocean scenes, seashells, in the bathroom longer appropriate Nouveau, or Mediterranean style, or Gree

k.You can not refer to an apartment sanitary only as a functional room.It is a place of rest, relaxation.Where you can hang a shelf with journals.

If space allows, you can install in the bathroom cabinet or chest of drawers for hygiene products, paper towels, and more.It is necessary to calculate what kind of equipment you can set and how to place it.There was widespread in recent years for stylish compact toilets suspended toilets, which only decorate the situation and give it a modern look.Interior design bathrooms largely depends on the area of ​​the room.On a large area, as in the photo in the article is, where carousing fancy.

option walls

Any design project, including the design of a bathroom with bath and shower starts from the walls.Most people decorate the walls of a bathroom tile.It is easy to wash, it is durable, looks good.She has only one drawback - it is very durable.For lovers of interior change is the most boring decision.Qualitatively glued tiles will be pleasing to the eye the host for decades.Therefore, alternative solutions are more suitable for those who like to frequently change the design bathroom and toilet: wallpaper, plastic panels, film, paint, and even wood.For lovers of luxury suit and more expensive marble mosaic.Of course, the repair of the walls definitely need to sew up all the drywall in communication, so they do not catch the eye.


combined bathroom when planning design combined bathroom is important to properly zoned premises.It can achieve low unit walls of plasterboard, a regular arrangement of luminaires or multilevel floor.However, the floor design - it is a separate article.The floor in the bathroom is better to make a warm, but in 3D capabilities.This modern solution to revitalize the bathroom.3D self-leveling floor can be beat in the form of a ship or the sandy bottom - it is pleasant to walk in the morning on the gravel and among the seashells.The woman immediately feel himself Venus rising from the sea foam.

lamps, mirrors, and furniture should be harmoniously interconnected.Pick up for the bathroom and the toilet design of interior is necessary in accordance with the chosen style.The ethno style will look good wicker furniture and modernist dictates bright solid colors.Minimalism prefer conciseness in the details and the combination of glass, steel and plastic.Choose a suitable design bathrooms will help photos, which can be found on this page.

Photo design bathrooms