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August 12, 2017 18:05

ceiling Design

Despite the fact that the ceiling surface of the least exposed to the use of his design occupies a place of honor in the design of interior spaces.Today there are many options for ceiling finishes -. Duplex, stretch, mirror, painted, with a hidden light, etc. All this allows us to create an exclusive image of the surface, as in the photo, which will give the room a chic and dignity.


  1. Suspension Systems
  2. Stretch ceilings
  3. Artistic ceiling
  4. ceiling with textile
  5. Photo Design ceiling

It may seem, what to think about the unusual design of ceilingsif we almost do not look at what's going on up there?Agree, more pleasant, lying on the sofa, consider beautifully designed area, not cracked plaster.In addition, the ceiling decoration allows to achieve very favorable effects on increasing the visual space.

ceilings role also includes:

  • opportunity zoning premises;
  • room give volume, pitch, or vice versa, to lower the ceiling;
  • provide space comfort, warmth and good humor

Art ceiling design involves the use of different materials, which would reveal the maximum dignity of the room.Consider the most interesting options in the development of contemporary ceiling design.

Suspension Systems

method of ceiling installation type is a special fastening the frame on a work surface, which is already attached modules of different geometric shapes.The use of this type is most common in high ceiling design.This method provides for the installation of the material at any height.It also makes it possible to lay the wire on top of the material and other engineering systems, which do not will be seen.This type of construction is often used in office sites in the clubs.If we consider the use of a false ceiling at home, then it is more suitable for the finishing of the surfaces in the kitchen, bathroom and hallway.

Stretch ceilings

Despite the fact that this technology is already widely used for a long time on the market, it makes constant improvements ceilings increasingly popular.Special techniques allow to put on the web exclusive designs and drawings that the maximum design brings low ceiling to the total interior room.Interesting ceiling design photo presented on the site, where you can find the most brilliant idea that will help to give zest to the room.

Artistic ceiling

This type of decoration captivates with its beauty, naturalness and expressiveness.The technology works is the use of all kinds of decorative elements, such as plaster, fresco, stucco, allowing the ceiling to create a real artistic picture.However, the cost of such work is much higher other types that can be used only to finish in solid holiday accommodation.Interesting ceiling design gallery includes the most daring and unique solutions in the preparation of the interior of the house.

ceiling with textile

Another interesting and exclusive version of the design ceiling surface, including the use of textiles.The idea of ​​decorating the ceiling cloth came from the eastern style.Use this method when you create the interior theme, as well as in the festivities.Fabrics with different colors, texture and fabrics can not only create a unique atmosphere in the room, but also perfectly hide the existing ceiling irregularities.

Photo Design ceiling