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August 12, 2017 18:05

Kitchen design in hruschevke

Owners of apartments in houses built in the Khrushchev is extremely difficult to adjust their cuisine to the requirements of today's life.Everyone knows that the kitchen area in these apartments are too small.So Khrushchev kitchen design in a complex process.


  1. Redevelopment
  2. functionality in design
  3. furniture in the kitchen in the Khrushchev
  4. Photos kitchen design in Khrushchev

You can make a kitchen interior stylish, comfortable and extraordinary becomesbig problem for owners of such flats.Changing the property - very expensive.We have to work with what we have.But in any situation is always a way out.In the particular case of even number.


Getting to the kitchen design in Khrushchev, should determine: whether you take advantage of redevelopment, solve the problem by increasing the functionality of the space, or simply to visually expand the room.Pre-select the style and color, where repairs will be made (the options can be seen in our photo gallery


If you are staying on the redevelopment of apartments, analyze: whether to demolish the wall you selected (if it is not the carrier), are you ready to dust, debris.The following is possible to agree on changes with ZhEKom.You can not completely demolish the wall and make it an arch made of plasterboard.The options are many redevelopment.In this article, you can find a selection of photos kitchen design ideas in the Khrushchev.

Remodelling - the best way to design the kitchen in the Khrushchev with a fridge or a gas column.Area increases, which allows easy placing the necessary equipment.If this re-planning with arch (Exit the room), the kitchen can be used simply as a cooking place and a dining table to make room - will look very harmonious, do not need to search for a place for a refrigerator or a column.

functionality in design

solve the problem with the design of the kitchen in the Khrushchev size 6 sq.m.It is possible by means of rational use of space.An example of improved functionality can be: horizontal refrigerator, expansion of the sill - as ways to increase the working surface.It is also better to use furniture that can be easily transformed (convertible traveling, folding table).

advantage of transformable furniture are small dimensions when folded and prompt its transformation into a full-featured.Also avoid "empty" angles, that is, space that is not used.

furniture in the kitchen in the Khrushchev

Today, there are a huge number of corner furniture, concave to the inside of cabinets, all kinds of countertops for a more effective use of the area small kitchens.No need to clutter up the kitchen a large number, even compact furniture.In this case, bypassed the most necessary minimum.Kitchen furniture to order, most likely, will be the right solution for a small kitchen in a tiny Khrushchev.

for kitchen design in Khrushchev 5 all the options discussed above.But there is another method commonly used by designers - visual (false) an increase in the kitchen space.This effect can be achieved by proper selection of colors, lighting.Designers are advised to use a lighter, lighter shades interspersed with bright patches of color in furniture, accessories, wall and floor coverings.Also, the use of mirrors, mirror and glossy surface makes the space visually larger.The room should be well-lit.Do not use dark kitchen curtains, the space will seem more free time.

composing kitchen design project in Khrushchev, keep in mind all of these recommendations and your kitchen will be a comfortable, cozy and unique - just perfect for you and your family.Check out the photos in this article, and select the most suitable for you design small-sized kitchen in the Khrushchev.

Photos kitchen design in Khrushchev