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August 12, 2017 18:05

The design of the hall in the apartment

centerpiece of any room property occupies.This room is a business card owners of the house.You spend a lot of time, all members of the family, as well as take their guests.Therefore, developing the design of the room with your hands, you need to take into account the multi-functionality of the hall.


  1. Zoning
  2. Furniture hall
  3. Lighting
  4. Design walls of the hall
  5. Photo design of the hall in the apartment

It is necessary to carefully consider all the details of the interior, and to consider somethis room features in the apartment.

  1. colors.
  2. Assigning functional areas.
  3. Lighting hall.
  4. configuration of the room.
  5. selection and placement of furniture.
  6. Decorative elements and curtains.


Separation rooms on the zone is possible with sufficient floor space in the apartment.Large living room often separated into a sitting area and dining.Hall is divided into zones with the help of furniture and lighting.If floor space is small, then divide it into zones is not

necessary.Furniture for a selected room comfortable and functional.

sometimes combined kitchen and lounge in one room, and divided into zones with the help of the bar or in another way.Given the functionality of the room and each selected furniture, and for each zone of illumination and color.

Furniture hall

main element of the interior design of the room is furnished.Sofa, chair, shelves, cabinets, appliances are placed in a recreation area.Arrange furniture around, as in the photo, so that they do not impede the free movement around the room, so that you can freely go to the window and the balcony.TV is placed in a location where it will be able to see all of them riding.And complements the modern design of the room in an apartment is to install an aquarium or fireplace.Dining table and chairs are placed in the dining area and the lighting should be bright here.When furniture arrangement to comply with the main norm: the room should not be overloaded with lots of pieces of furniture, but should not overwhelm and its blank.


Lighting in the hall of settling with the following parameters:

  • direction of light;
  • brightness lighting;
  • intensity;
  • color reproduction;
  • daylight;
  • fulguration.

doing design project of the hall in the apartment, all of the above you need to skillfully combine.The living unit general and local lighting is performed zoning, as well as create more comfortable conditions for rest.Interior Individuality can be emphasized as in the photo, by combining scattered and reflected light.The most popular at the present time, the creation of multi-level lighting.When installing the fixtures necessary to exclude direct exposure to the television screen and computer monitor.The organization of lighting of the hall depends on the overall style of the interior space.If the design of the hall is made in a minimalist style, modern or high-tech, the best way suited for such premises spotlights.In Baroque, Empire, Provencal or classic attaches great importance to the form and content of lamps, as well as the way of installation.

Design walls of the hall

In any importance given to the interior design of the walls of the hall.The skillful use of colors and their combinations not only give beauty of the living room, but also corrects some room drawbacks.

  1. bright walls and dark ceiling to visually expand the room.
  2. Bright color of the walls and a darker floor visually increase the room space.
  3. Tanned one wall and a lighter to increase the depth of the other rooms.
  4. Uniform light colored floor surfaces, ceilings and walls give the room volume.
  5. Cold tones enliven the interior.Cool colors are called such as blue, purple, blue and their shades.

Adjust living space, you can use walls and window decoration.Ceiling height visually reduced, the walls papered with wallpaper, which have a horizontal pattern, and pasted on the ceiling frieze.Wallpaper with a vertical pattern make the ceiling higher.When creating an interior in the room you need to pay attention to the curtains, furniture upholstery and other components of the tissue.They should organically fit into the overall design of the room in the apartment.

Photo design of the hall in the apartment

In our gallery you will find many beautiful photos of ideas and stylistic solutions that can you design a unique design of the hall in the apartment.