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August 12, 2017 18:05

Bathroom Design

Bathroom - one of the main house.It is used by all - from small to large.That is why the question arises: how to choose the design of the bathroom to this room, to best meet the tastes of all family members?


  1. design planning
  2. color palette
  3. lighting in the bathroom
  4. Furnishing
  5. photo bathroom design

First, before you startplan bathroom design think about what you want to see the result - just a functional room, or a work of architectural art in your home.It is very difficult to find items that will help make the design of the bathroom in the apartment is really unusual and interesting.So manifest imagination, think about how you see this room in his home.If you have a dream, for example, sex, stylized sea, it's time to bring them to life.For convenience, you can create a design bathroom design - there you'll celebrate whatever you want to do in this area.

design planning

Consider the size of the room, the number of people who use it, and the bathroom needed envi

ronment (as toilet is separate and adjacent, some prefer to shower, the other - the bathroom, etc.).Pay attention to the specifics of the bathroom - after all that it will be, should not deteriorate when exposed to moisture and steam.Therefore, think over the design so that the situation was and convenient for daily use, and beautiful, and durable.

The main issue will be the placement of plumbing, because of this will have to make a start in the subsequent planning as a design standard bathroom, as well as other types of premises.Some, seeking to increase the area of ​​the bathroom (especially in small apartments), combine it with a toilet, as in the photo.However, this is - not the best option if you are the owner of a bathroom and not a few (for each family member, guest, etc.).This layout can create some difficulties.Special inconvenience it delivers a large family.

color palette

After thinking through the location of plumbing, interior bathroom design involves choosing its color.From this all subsequent finishing will depend.Small bathrooms, as in the photo, fit bright colors, which do not lose their relevance for many years.Darker shades can only be used in good light bath.Remember that small half-dark bathroom look gloomy and oppressive.

lighting in the bathroom

then should proceed to the next stage of thinking through contemporary bathroom design - the choice of lighting.The range of lamps today is great, so choose a favorite for you is not difficult.Focus on your ideas on the design of the room, try everything, even the lamps to choose one style.And do not skimp on the number of fixtures - bathroom should be well illuminated.However, remember that in a bath every tends to relax, calm down, so take care and dim light.It will be appropriate for relaxation.


At the final stage to pick up your bathroom furniture and accessories.Usually, due to the small amount of space, set roomy and multifunctional cabinets that blend with the overall styling of the interior.They will complete your design, and will help to create the bathroom is the atmosphere, which you expected.

photo bathroom design

Choose the style of your bathroom is not easy.Many a long time can not be defined, tormented with the choice.Therefore, our site offers photo bathroom design, which can be the golden mean between the preferences of your family.Gallery Bathroom Design will help you to decide - what you want in your home, what items will help to "revive" the design.