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August 12, 2017 18:05

Kitchen Design

Kitchen - the "sweet" and comfortable room in the house.It all has to ensure that peace, sitting on your favorite chair, relax and dream about the serene vacation.It begins with the kitchen everyday family council - who have any plans for today, what is the hostess cook something sort of dinner.


  1. Planning
  2. styles
  3. Color solution
  4. Photos kitchen design

Many believe that the kitchen is the place of the woman, the mistress of the house.But the rest of the family having fun like here to sit and enjoy a piece of sweet cake.It would not be an exaggeration, that the kitchen is the favorite place of all family members and that's why you need to carefully analyze the design of the kitchen, so that all residents can feel peaceful.

If you briefly explain the process of creating a beautiful kitchen design, we can say that it rests on "three pillarsĀ»:

  • layout of the room;
  • color choices;
  • style definition.

dealt with these fundamental moments, we can talk about the p

ossibility of an independent kitchen design without resorting to specialists, and then the result of your efforts will look like in the photo.


Kitchen Design in the first stage provides the right, and most importantly, competent distribution of all major elements of kitchen units and fridge.It is important to take into account a number of points, for example, a table in any time can not be installed close to the kitchen set or a refrigerator compartment that will prevent the doors from opening.When planning the design of the kitchen in the apartment should definitely take into account the small-sized premises and be able to find areas of dignity, to the maximum benefit from them.

For example, the owner at the time of cooking should not stand with his back to the window.It is necessary to anticipate all the possible options, to then proceed to the order of the kitchen headset.If you deal with this problem on their own can not, you can turn to professionals who will offer ready-made photo kitchen designs from which to choose the most suitable option.

Finally, when planning future kitchen units realized, need to re-imagine the exact location of each element as you cook, entertain guests.This is the stage where you need to measure a hundred times until you make up your mind to the final choice.


can not say that any interior style with something inferior to the other direction.It all depends on the inner vision of the future kitchen hosts themselves.For some, beauty is paramount, for the rest of convenience and practicality.Hi-tech is more suitable for those who do not like spending a lot of time for cleaning and cleaning the kitchen.Modern more "gentle" direction and provides ongoing care.The main judge when choosing the best kitchen design style is very hostess, under which all the elements are performed and the headset.That she has to choose whether to be of a certain stylistic direction or try to combine the two styles.

Color solution

Even if you guess with the style did not work, you can make up for the mistake of the series.Today, no framework in this area is not exposed.Gallery kitchen design shakes bold colors and shades, which allows the hostess not to restrain imagination and choose the most unexpected option.However, it should take into account the "convenience" of the selected color.For example, a black color in the kitchen is not very practical, exposes all the spots and stains out.

Kitchen - a place in the house, where just need to feel great.Take care of proper addressing all three aspects of the preparation of the design kitchen with his hands, then you can be proud of stunning performance and amazing taste.

Photos kitchen design