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August 12, 2017 18:05

The design of the hall

Where the entire apartment interior design begin?Of course, with a hallway.It may seem that the hall is the place where you can feel free to experiment and try to combine the different directions in design.However, smaller meters entrance hall is not always possible to succumb to their own free will, and even requires strict adherence to design techniques that would allow to hide some defects of a small corridor.


  1. color palette
  2. Architectural elements
  3. furniture in the hallway
  4. Photo design hallway

should we say that it is an entrance hall is a business card of your homeor apartment.It is this area should contain all the necessary information regarding the interior used in other rooms.There is calm, welcoming and friendly atmosphere should prevail.To achieve interesting design hall project, as in the photo, perhaps by following some helpful recommendations of famous designers.

color palette

choosing colors for the hall design can significantly alter the room.For

example, the glossy finish of the walls of the room will allow to expand the boundaries.If you look at the photo, you will see that the colors should choose neutral shades.Moreover, the color as you move deeper into the hallway should move to darker shades.This method will give a dynamic interior hallway.

Architectural elements

Most corridors are long and smooth walls.This allows you to play a bit on the design of the walls in the hallway.For example, the walls can be decorated with molding or false panels that eliminate the feeling of monotony, and it will be possible to emphasize sophistication and prominence of this area.It is concentrated in the hallway a large number of doors.These openings can also decorate.To do this, use the door frame, emphasizing geometric and architectural style of the room.

As for the design of the floor in the hall, there should be to build on the practicality of finishing material.Well-proven ceramic tiles and parquet.However, the second option is not always retains its specifications, especially in the area of ​​the front door.

This zone is the most frequently exposed to humidity and dirt from the outside, which can not but affect the quality of the parquet.On the basis of practicality, many designers recommend to finish the floor in the hallway tiles, good, now produced a lot of material design that allows you to create interesting patterns on the floor.But do not forget about the carpeting.Their presence in the hallway is not discussed.Paths should be long, almost the entire corridor.With these design attributes of the hallway and the hallway complemented, creates a homely and warm atmosphere, in addition, highlights the beauty of the floor.

furniture in the hallway

often in the hallway there is space, where it would be possible to install bulky and spacious closets.Furniture here should be multifunctional, so that you can find a place for coats and hats, and footwear, as well as newspapers and letters.In order to save often one and the same thing holds itself several functions.For example, a small cupboard for shoes often also serves as the chair, and the key cabinet is used for sorting mail.With interesting photo hall design can be found on the website, beautiful interiors, agility and practicality in every detail.

Photo hall design

suggest you familiarize yourself with the following beautiful photos hallway design.In our photo gallery gathered a large number of photos that can easily help you to determine the desired direction of the design.