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August 12, 2017 18:05

As pokleit wallpaper of two kinds

Wallpaper - the perfect material for visual games with the space of residential premises.Variety of color and texture variations of performances of this kind of decoration enables to create real masterpieces of interior, expanding, separating and individualizing space.


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Gathered use paper, vinyl, cork or other finishing blade for registration of premises, it is necessary to know exactlyas pokleit two kinds of wallpaper so that the interior is decorated with them looks holistically, and the quality of work performed ensured its longevity.

So how do pokleit wallpaper of the two species in the hall, living room, hallway, kitchen or other room designed for life?

The first step is to decide on your objectives pursued.There are several basic options for gluing two kinds of wallpaper.

Options wallpapering two kinds

Starting from the two types of wallpaper web with the design of walls in the living room, it is nec

essary to observe the harmony between color, pattern and texture of the materials chosen solution you.So, do not give preference to contrasting combinations that can be a source of irritation and eye fatigue.Choose a quiet and not too bright wallpaper tandems, and success in creating a cozy and completely individual interior will be provided to you.

«Classics of the genre" in dealing with two types of finishing fabric is pasting individual walls of the room.For example, a room-case will get close to the visual image of the square, if its end parts will be finished with darker than others wallpapered walls.If the room is completely satisfied with your geometrical shape, a good solution would be his individualization and zoning by finishing each of the walls (or pairs) different types of wallpaper.

second option wallpapering two species is the separation of the room into separate zones through the use of several types of finishing within the same walls.To emphasize the central subject of the room (the sofa in the living area, the bed in the bedroom, closet in the dressing room and so on. D.) Or simply complicate the geometry of space will enable selected tastefully and correctly positioned elements of wallpaper decor.As part of the interior design can include not just individual bands or rectangles, and ovals cut from wallpaper, half circles and any other geometric elements in the decoration of the walls of the room.To place the same emphasis in the room which has acquired a new look will allow a variety of decorative accessories, highlighting the extraordinary performance of the walls.

Given an order to create a truly extraordinary and bright interior, it is safe to take as a basis for "striped" or "cellular" design wall surfaces with wallpaper.A good solution would be familiar to us, and in the traditional English interior division rooms on the lower and upper parts by gluing two wallpaper types and their division special decorative skirting.A classic example of such interior is more complex in texture or pattern and dark bottom, as if hovering over it, light top.Nevertheless, modern interior fashion permits and violation of the canons for the sake of fresh and unusual design solutions.

Case Wizard afraid

Decide how pokleit wallpaper two kinds of beautiful and acquiring the necessary finishing materials, you need to think carefully about the technical side of the issue.We will not talk about how to properly mix the wallpaper paste and collate figures on the selected canvas for decoration, for this you can see a detailed step by step instructions.Instead, we remind you that the modern building materials market offers a truly fantastic selection of wallpaper, many of which are very specific to the job.So, choosing as a finishing material and tissue paper or cork and vinyl wallpaper, it is important to stock up on adhesives and tools for high-quality and easy gluing each type of finish used.

After the development of the design space and the purchase of all the necessary tools and materials for gluing two kinds of wallpaper will be completed, will only implement its plans.

consider options for finishing rooms and learn about how beautiful pokleit wallpaper two types allow photo and video materials and information specifically for your inspiration and convenience on our website.