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August 12, 2017 18:05

How to glue vinyl wallpaper with paper backing

Vinyl wallpaper on paper are quite common, they have a wide range of colors and designs.Their popularity has led many to the need for such wallpaper paste itself or invite experts.


  1. preparatory stage
  2. Step by step instructions on gluing vinyl wallpaper on paper
  3. Conclusion
  4. Video

preparatory stage

need to prepare before pasting surface in a special way.Walls need to do smooth, without cracks and pieces of old materials.To moved the old material, they can be carefully moisten and remove with a spatula.You should also remove the sockets and switches.

It is advisable to carry out the processing of the walls fungicidal agent that eliminates the possibility of proliferation of the fungus.If such processing is carried out, it is necessary to wait for the complete drying, because the surface intended for gluing must be dry.Another sine qua non of how to glue vinyl wall paper, is the lack of air movement, so before starting work, isolate all sources of income of its inten


In preparation need themselves wallpaper.Before gluing is necessary to measure carefully and cut the correct lane, gaining 10 cm in length.If the wallpaper pattern contains, it is necessary to adjust so that pattern nicely fits together.

Step by step instructions on gluing vinyl wallpaper on paper

Any wallpaper made on paper, do not just glued to the wall.It is necessary to spread them on the floor.Then thoroughly lubricate them with glue.It is clearly seen in the video, as the glue vinyl wall paper, including how it is necessary to apply the adhesive.

next step - to lay down the wallpaper in two or three times oiled basis to each other.So they have to leave for some time.This is to swell the fibers, after which the wallpaper a little stretch.Swelling time may be an individual, depending on the material.Check this period can be on the packaging.The main thing that all the band were in such a state of equal time.Clay is also necessary to apply the same layer.Then the result will turn out wallpaper with perfect joints.

start pasting better angle.This should definitely apply the level that the band did not go at random.It is better to use an assistant, which will regulate the combination of wallpaper.It is the most convenient option for those who do not understand how to glue vinyl wallpaper with paper backing butt gently and without overlaps.If glue accidentally gets on the colored side, it should be immediately wiped.

During stickers can not stretch the material in width, it will lead to deformation and subsequent irregularities.This wallpaper is just a special smooth roller or a plastic brush.

The corner should be left to overlap the other wall of 3 cm. Adhered to the opposite side of the strip is applied directly to the canvas in the corner.More details can see the article: how to hang wallpaper in the corners.

Excess material should be trimmed with a sharp knife.If you apply a dull blade, the wallpaper can become wrinkled.The bottom edge has to go a little bit on the plinth.To achieve accurate species, it is advisable to remove the baseboard in advance.


glue vinyl wallpaper on paper completed the final design of the space.After complete drying of wallpaper in place is necessary to tie all the elements that were removed before pasting: sockets, switches, moldings, decorative elements.

Since the vinyl layer protects the lower paper from moisture, this wallpaper can be cleaned during operation.


For clarity, we recommend that you watch the video on how to glue vinyl wallpaper with paper backing.