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August 12, 2017 18:05

How to glue non-woven wallpaper

Suppose that you are a beginner and have no idea of ​​how the process of gluing non-woven wallpaper.What do you do?Where can I find help?How to learn to glue non-woven wallpaper yourself?This article - the best guide for you and the assistant, it provides sufficient information about where to start and what to consider.


  1. Tools Required
  2. step instructions for glueing non-woven wallpaper
  3. Nuances
  4. Video

accepted that glue non-woven wallpaper on paper - a simple task.This is due to the fact that you will not quite ordinary procedure.Since the structure of the wallpaper has its own specific - and then the process will be somewhat different, because the stick does not have the usual manner.This means that you need to apply the adhesive on the wall, rather than to impregnate themselves wallpaper.This, incidentally, is the main difference between this type of material from all other kinds of wallpaper.

Tools Required

For the first stage, you will need a tool that should b

e at hand:

  • roller;
  • brush;
  • broad brush.

step instructions for glueing non-woven wallpaper

start with, measure the length of the first web, it is important to leave a good allowances on top and bottom.We coat the wall with glue, using a brush or a brush, imposed on its front page.

Very carefully and gently smoothes all cloth or roller from the center to the sides.If you suddenly notice projections excess glue around the edges - they should be removed immediately with a damp cloth.The specificity of this work lies in the fact that the web is strong, through it will not pass glue.

When the strip is glued, proceed to the next.It will be much easier if you use plain wallpaper that do not have patterns, but if there is a pattern - the second line should clearly correspond to the first must be the absolute coincidence of each line and each item, so you should be prepared to ensure that there will be a lot of scraps.They can be used for windows and doors, partition for pasting.After all, the probability that each succeeding fabric non-woven wallpaper is exactly the same as the previous - is unlikely.

Consider the complexity that you meet: the second, third, fourth piece should go to back to back to the previous, so glue will act on other (already pasted parts) - do not rush to remove it, wipe the cloth neatly, not tightly clutching a rag,try not to leave the spot and not too smear glue.

In the video material, such as non-woven wallpaper glue, good shows each stage, so pay attention to all the upcoming difficulties.Remember how to perform all actions and use them in practice.

Just do not forget that even non-woven wallpaper glue is easy, you still expect some difficulties - let's talk about them.


Corners - places which are always formed bubbles and waves.To get rid of them will need to be using a knife to cut a small stationery line and release the air.If you do not - then there will be waves and bumps, but it will be noticeable.This question is analyzed in the article for wallpapering at the corners.

sockets and switches.All as one, it is recommended to turn off the electricity and only prokleivat these areas.Therefore, follow the right example - and do as advised: turn off the lights, remove the cover, openings for sockets and switches cut with scissors or a knife, after a certain time (30 minutes) screw the cover into place.

radiators, batteries.It's no secret that most of the space behind them causes a lot of difficulties.With you this will not happen if you use the cropping.Do not strive to ensure that the full cloth was used.Measure the desired size pieces and just paste it (seeks to match patterns).


Below you will find a video that will answer your question as to glue non-woven wallpaper.