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August 12, 2017 18:05

Calculator timber home

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calculation of timber house is required to determine the required amount of lumber for the construction of roof system, the implementation of formwork and floor building object floors.Its correct calculation is particularly important in the construction of houses made of glued or sawn timber.

How to calculate the amount of timber in the home?

To properly navigate the timber needs to be done building the project with exact size of which depends on the length of the beam.Regarding the thickness, it is important to consider the following factors:

  • private home or baths suitable timber with the section of 200x200 mm;
  • for seasonal construction is possible to use wood with parameters of 100x100 mm and 150x150 mm.

Based on the fact that the value of the wood the building material is indicated in cubic meters, to calculate

the exact number of pieces of logs in 1 cubic meter, you must make a simple calculation:

1m3 / Z / W / L, where

  • Z - the width of the board;
  • W - thickness of the board;
  • L - the length of the board.

of construction work involves rendering the desired volume ceiling and floor joists, the definition of timber for the roof system, exterior walls, gables, internal partitions.

often involve the construction of ceiling and floor beam section 100x150 mm with a step of 0.7 to 1 meter.In order to determine their number, you must use the formula:

Ld / Ls-1, where

  • Ld - the length of the house;
  • Ls - length of the pitch used.

Taking into account the fact that the timber supplier is implemented in cubic meters, the calculation of the cubic capacity timber involves multiplying its cross-sectional area and the length of the heat input.

beam calculation for external walls and load-bearing walls includes determining the area and wall thickness.Multiplication of these parameters will give the total volume of timber needed to construct these structural members.

Calculator cubing timber

For an accurate calculation of the cubic capacity of sawn timber truss system required the use of special arithmetic algorithms.beam calculation calculator will greatly simplify the task.The correct definition of the required building material guarantees the reliability of the construction of buildings construction and saving financial costs.

program will produce lumber payment online, by introducing the initial data.By changing the preset parameters can be compared to a number of projects and select the most advantageous from a financial point of view.By processing the individual parameters of the project at home, the calculator will produce the most accurate calculation, eliminating the risk of overpayment for the excess material.It is important to take into account a possible defect rate, which is around 5% of the total volume of the timber.