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August 12, 2017 18:05

Calculator grouting

tile format (mm):

20h20h3 50h50h4 100h100h6 125h250h8 150h150h6 200h200h8 200h200h12 200h200h14 200h250h8 200h300h8 250h300h8 250h330h8 300h300h8 300h300h12 300h300h14 330h330h8 330h600h8 330h600h10 400h400h10 450h450h10 600h600h10 600h1200h11

Joint width (mm):

1 2 3 4 5 6

stacking area (sq.m.):

Grouting - the final stage of laying tile.Consumption on the performance of a task - a cost estimate repair is an important indicator.Most construction specialists to carry out calculations for the required amount of grout "eye" of the mixture.This approach makes sense for small volumes of works and standard tile format.The situation is much more complicated in the case of the mosaic grout joints.Besides, not every owner agrees to pay the apartment.

grouting calculation calculator for joints allow to determine the required minimum error measure trowel the mixture in a matter of seconds.For the calculation of the product must be in the appropriate entry field, specify the stacking ar

ea, the tiles and the joint width format, and then click on "Calculate" button.Online calculator will issue payment grouting on 1m2 and will provide the necessary material mass in kilograms.To determine the desired number of packs to be the total weight in kilograms divided by the weight specified by the manufacturer directly to the package.

How to calculate the grout yourself?

Calculation trowel mixture required for jointers tile joints, is to measure the following parameters tile in millimeters:

  • A - length;
  • B - width;
  • C - thickness.

Next you need to determine the width of the tile seam (D) and grouting density (P), which varies in the range 1.5-1.9 kg / dm3.

The data substituted into the formula:

((A + B) * C * D * P) / (A * B) = kg / m2

On what consumption trowel mixture depends?

Please note that the calculator calculate the amount of grout in the calculations provided may contain a small percentage of error.As a rule, it is up to 8%.This is due to the fact that the calculation does not account online unevenness tile cladding complexity, corners, seams connecting walls or packing in confined spaces.Of great importance are the skills of master tiler, which can significantly affect the flow of the material.

Calculation trowel mixture provides observance of manufacturing process.Disproportionation rate will increase.Therefore, during the preparation of the mixture need building mixer, the latex and water.grouting holding period up to 10 minutes, after which it can be applied to the joints.

When the self-laying, it is necessary to comply with mezhplitochny seam size 1.5-2 mm, wall 2-3 mm for the floor, which will hide any defects, to avoid cracking the tile and add aesthetics.From a design point of view, trowel the mixture in one tone with tile will look coherent composition, while a lighter version of it will emphasize the geometry of the surface.