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August 12, 2017 18:05

Calculator for heat buildings


Triple glazing Double glazed Average (double) glazing


Good thermal insulation Two bricks or 150 mm of insulation Poor insulation

Area Ratio windows and floor:

10% 20% 30% 40% 50%

temperature outdoors:

-10C -15C -20C -25C -30C -35C

number of walls emerging out:

One Two Three Four

Type of lodging over earch:

heated room Warm Cold attic loft

premises Height:

2,5 m 3 m 3.5 m 4 m 4.5 m

Area (m2)

Properhome insulation saves on heating consumption of resources, to create the optimal living conditions.The main indicator of conservation set temperature is heat loss coefficient.It allows you to find out how well conducted heating and glazing, external or internal protection from the cold.It will help in obtaining accurate data online calculator heat the building.

How to calculate the heat loss from the house?

a large extent on the preservation temperature affects the reliability of installed windows and the very location of the premises with respect

to the entire building.When you specify the correct type of glazing should know that regular glass, not plastic windows can be a major cause of heat loss.The lack of insulation in the walls of the brick structure is unacceptable due to fairly good preservation temperature material capable of maintaining the desired mode in the rooms.Common facilities of reinforced concrete slabs or concrete blocks insufficiently trap heat.

special calculator for calculating heat loss takes into account the walls of the house and the area ratio of windows to the floor area.The higher the percentage obtained, the greater the heat loss coefficient.Counting is done by summing the areas of all the windows in the room and determining their percentages relative to the floor area.

outside temperature is recorded at average performance during the winter season.The number of walls that go out, directly affect the safety of the set temperature: it is through the wall occurs the greatest release of heat.Therefore, an exact calculation of heat loss at home can only be obtained with the right setting room parameters.

Specify the type of premises, the walls of the size, floor and ceiling are necessary for correct calculation of heat loss for each plane.This will allow the calculator to sum and, based on additional information (number and type of window glazing, wall insulation) to get the right result.

Why a precise calculation of heat losses of the building?

Every home owner should not only know how to calculate the heat loss, but also what it will be useful to the information received.Comparing the data of heat loss calculator in different rooms, you can determine how productive is the use of heating systems.When you receive optimal performance for a number of premises and unsatisfactory results for the rest of the rooms can make useful conclusions.

resulting ratio indicates the need for additional insulation or replacing windows.In areas protected from the cold, set the thermostat to the heating system.This will regulate the temperature and to create the necessary conditions for a comfortable stay.It is also useful to precise calculation and owners of commercial buildings such as office, who wish to create an optimal working environment in winter to their peers and subordinates.