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August 12, 2017 18:05

Calculator drywall ceiling

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initially perform certain complex construction work requires the calculationmaterial flow.At first glance, the calculation of the ceiling drywall - is not a difficult task.

To determine the required number of sheets of drywall will need to measure the perimeter of the room and calculate its area.This is all, of course, correct.But do not forget the ceiling installation requires an additional calculation of the amount of metal profiles, screws, hangers, anchors, and crabs.

Among other things, the size of gypsum board have a significant contrast to the room settings.Therefore, you should take into account their trim or cut the necessary design elements.Calculator drywall on the ceiling will allow for the calculation of the required number of sheets, as well as fastening elements for their installation: anchors, profiles, extension cords, screws and anchors.

How to calculate the drywall on the ceiling?

single-level ceiling installation provides for the calculation profile for drywall ceiling.To do this, measurements premises: measure the width and length of the walls, and then to calculate the perimeter.The amount required is determined by the profile of a simple formula.The value of the perimeter of the ceiling is divided by the length of the produced metal profile.As a result, we obtain the desired number of material in pieces.

calculation profile for the frame depends on the size of gypsum board.Given the fact that the profile must be located on both edges and the middle of the sheet during its step width of 1.2 m is 0.6 m. Further be divided wall width of 0.6 m, and the value obtained is multiplied by the piece again 06 m. The initial value must equal the width of the wall.

calculating the right amount of hangers, it is important to take into account, the first element is set to 0.3 m from the wall.Subsequently their pitch coincides with the pitch of the metal profile.Installation is carried out crabs at a distance of 0.6 m between hangers.

When calculating the required amount of dowels take into account the step of attachment, which is 0.3 0.4 m from each other.For the installation of a metal profile will need four self-tapping screws.This same number will need to install a crab plus two self-tapping screws for fastening it to the profile.

The example of calculation of single-level ceiling is much easier than the work of building material flow calculations for more complex designs.Online calculator ceiling plasterboard will allow us to determine the right amount of plasterboard sheets, metal profiles and fasteners.For this need to enter the area and perimeter of the ceiling value in the input field, click the "Calculate" button.Online calculator will give the required calculations within a few seconds, eliminating the need for lengthy works independent calculations.