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August 12, 2017 18:05

Threshold interior door

In modern apartments, houses installation of interior doors are often carried out without the arrangement of wooden nut on the bottom of the structure.However, stacking type flooring in areas adjacent to solve the problem requires pairing them with each other near the common door.


  1. Tools and materials
  2. Step by step instructions for installing the threshold
  3. Video editing threshold interior door

carrying out repairs on their own, the owner of the apartment or house is often perplexing questions:how to set the threshold of interior door well and what materials he will need for the job?

Tools and materials

to connect different floor coverings such as laminate, tiles, parquet or carpet, for sale is a special aluminum threshold.Consider the case of use of this nut when the two types of laminate are joined together at the spot of the door frame.

The door nut can be of different lengths, shapes and colors.Typically, complete with threshold are special dowels for flush m

ounting.To do this, from the bottom of the nut is made a groove, which is inserted into a metal screw cap.

to perform work on the installation of the above interior doors threshold own hands is necessary, except for the threshold, have a hacksaw or the "Bulgarian", a set of plugs for quick installation, roulette, hammer, mallet or a piece of wood, hammer with a drill of suitable diameter.Also need a simple pencil eraser.

Step by step instructions for installing the threshold

1. Getting installation of interior threshold, it is necessary to mark a place in its installation.

2. By setting the threshold interior door need to measure the distance between the door and cut the quarters threshold, according vymerennym size, with a small angle grinders machine or metal saw.

3. Number of dowels for setting the threshold is calculated on the basis of a fastening element in the 10-15 cm in length.In our example, the seam between the laminate and the laminate is closer to the hallway, and you want to set the threshold closer to the middle.To this laminate are marked on the place of installation plugs so that lines drawn in pencil were visible from under the floor threshold, that they are closer to the room.For this purpose grooves are cut into smaller panels of the laminate to set the anchors.Also, this is done in order to anchor has been in a free state, the laminate could "walk" and it did not hurt.

4. To install the dowels on the storm punch it should be noted the length of the alleged holes in the floor corresponding to the size of the plastic anchors.In the storm, you can set the limiter using strips of construction adhesive tape or adhesive tape.

5. Drill floor holes, as shown in the photo, they need to insert plastic dowels.

Metal screws are installed in the bottom of the groove in front of the threshold of plastic dowels.

inserting metal screws into the anchors and pre-profit of their need to be pressed firmly to the floor threshold, using a hammer, a mallet or a block of wood as a nozzle through which you have to beat a hammer.The rest of the line markings will need to erase the usual eraser.

Following the instructions presented in the video and photos of our site, you can easily perform the installation of the door threshold of aluminum.It is necessary to monitor the installation is correct, because the threshold must occupy the entire space between the door frame, excluding its protrusions beyond the door a quarter.

installation threshold Performed correctly, not only will protect the edges of flooring, but also decorate the doorway, giving it the necessary completeness.

Video installation interior door threshold