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August 12, 2017 18:05

Christmas decoration of apartments in 2016

New Year - a holiday that is the personification of a new beginning.Next year will be held under the auspices of the fire monkey, so loves all bright and new design apartments in the New Year 2016 be fulfilled howl interesting and unusual, as the hostess of the year.


  1. How to make an apartment on New Year's Eve?
  2. Decorating Christmas tree decoration
  3. apartment on New Year's Eve with their hands
  4. Photo Christmas decoration apartment

Monkey has a rich imagination, but at the same time has a capricious nature.Therefore, it tastes should not be ignored when decorating the apartment.

How to make an apartment on New Year's Eve?

Here are some ideas that should stick to this year.

  1. Monkey - a big fan of the glitz and glamor, so the design is to use a lot of lights, tinsel.But do not get involved much, because the bad taste, the owner does not like.
  2. in decorating the apartment is to use multiple colors, but too colorful interior do not need.It is necessary to choose two or
    three colors and skillfully combine them with each other.The general rule, which is followed in the design - it is the golden mean.
  3. Christmas decoration apartment year of the monkey should include garlands and candles.
  4. It is advisable to use a large Christmas balls and toys, and leave little for the next year.Ideal - toy with gold.
  5. Homemade ornaments will be to the liking of the hostess of the next year, so you should use at least a few d├ęcor items, which are created with their own hands.
  6. Favorite color fiery monkey - it's red, green, blue, white, yellow and orange.Select a few of them and use in the interior, and the mistress of the year will be favorable to you.To create a contrast, you can add in the interior of silver garland.
  7. One should use the symbol of the year - a monkey.It can be figurines, Christmas decorations.You can also make the composition, where the monkey will be present.

Original apartment decorating ideas can be seen in the photo in the article.

Decorating Christmas tree

Christmas tree - a mandatory attribute of any of the New Year, and 2016 - is no exception.This year, it is important not to overload its number of decorations, but few of them also should not be.It will be the way the little snowflakes on the Christmas tree, as well as sweets and fruit: bananas, tangerines, oranges.

It is worth to pay attention to the materials from which produced toys.This year, the trend of jewelry from natural materials - cones, fabric toys.You do not have to buy them in the store, such ornaments just do it myself.

Completion of the Christmas tree - a star on top.This year, you can move away from this tradition and use something new, such as angels.Fantasizing can arbitrarily by introducing into life even the most unusual ideas - a monkey it will be to their liking.

Design apartment on New Year's Eve with their hands

on various ornaments do not necessarily spend a lot of money, because you can make a Christmas decoration of the apartment, using the old stock, fantasy and handcraft.

  • Garland.Hang it is possible everywhere, in places where there are sockets.You can start with the threshold, and to finish the windows and eaves.
  • Windows.Use can be anything.Very incidentally are homemade wipes, tinsel, streamers, rain.
  • Candles.This is the main attribute of the New Year holidays, in addition, it is a great option to create a romantic atmosphere.However, there should adhere to safety.

And, as mentioned above, in the design of the apartment is required to use the symbol of the coming 2016 - a monkey, it is a guarantee of good luck for the whole year.It can be purchased at the store or make your own.

Photo Christmas decoration apartment