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August 12, 2017 18:05

How to decorate the room for the New Year 2016

New Year!This festival brings together all our country, regardless of nationality, religion, gender and age.Preparation for this magical event as enjoyable as its celebration itself.For many years there was a certain algorithm ornaments and decoration for the New Year.Green spruce or pine, festive lights, Christmas tree balls and toys, rain, and white wool, sumptuously laid table - all this is familiar to us from childhood.


  1. symbol of New Year 2016
  2. Christmas decoration room
  3. Christmas tree in the room
  4. Ideas for New Year's table
  5. Christmas garlands
  6. Photo decorate the room on New Year's

New year symbol 2016

has long been a tradition to celebrate the New year, according to the eastern calendar.The coming year will be held under the sign of the Fire Monkey, and the animal is a symbol of mobility, agility, charming and diplomatic.Monkey loves all bright and shiny, so when deciding how to decorate the room on New Year's 2016, you should definitely take this into accoun


Christmas decoration room

Decorating the room in anticipation of the coming of the New Year, do not need to fear that there will be many decorations.The larger, brighter and more varied will be the elements of decor, the more it will please Monkey.To beautifully decorate the room on New Year's Eve with his own hands, and to please his character - funny tailed Wives, it is necessary to take into account that her liking all shades of red and fiery colors.As a consequence, it is necessary to buy or make a New Year decoration elements in the respective colors.Intense crimson, scarlet, purple, gold, orange, yellow balls, garland, tinsel, beads will fall at an opportune moment.

Christmas tree in the room

main decoration of the room for the New Year 2016 - green fluffy fir.Saving the living tree, because Monkey loves trees!It is better to put an artificial Christmas tree, the more that now sell their large selection.Who can not live without the smell of fresh pine needles, that is to put the purchased ahead of time or live tree planted in a tub.By the way, herringbone in a tub to please their owners for many years.

Ideas for New Year's table

New Year is unthinkable without a specific room in a beautifully set table.Why not try to appease the cunning monkey and prepare exactly the dishes that she likes?Bananas, pineapples, kiwis and other exotic fruits must be present in the New Year's menu on the table in the room.Particular attention should be paid and registration of the table.If the home is not the arsenal of snow-white tablecloth - it does not matter.Now just a great excuse to buy it!On its background the red plate and gold cloth will look especially elegant.To the table in the New Year's Eve look perfect, it must be present on the composition of candles in red, green, furry paws spruce adorned with golden confetti and rain.

Christmas garlands

Festival will be even brighter if the room under the ceiling or on the perimeter walls, hooks for window tulle, will be fixed electric garlands, blinking colored lights merry.Also, many people like to entwine garland Christmas tree branch, which is New Year's Eve will light a variety of bulbs, giving the mystery even the modestly decorated room.Alternatively, you can use the cord with LED running lights.It is worth remembering that before the fix electric garlands, LED strings in designated places for them a room or on a Christmas tree, you need to carefully check their work, so that during the holiday missed the problem did not become an unpleasant surprise for the guests and household.

Photo decorate the room on New Year's

Christmas room decoration also includes the decoration of windows and doors, ceilings and walls.To achieve the best results, we recommend using photos and ideas in the article.Parents should be sure to listen to the opinion of their children, and even better to involve them in the procedure of decorating the room where the meeting will be the long-awaited New Year.Together, children and adults will acquire the room a solemn and elegant view corresponding important event - the New Year festival.