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August 12, 2017 18:05

How to decorate an apartment for New Year 2016

In anticipation of the coming of the New Year - the year of the fiery red monkey, the vast majority of people trying to decorate their homes and give them a special charm and mystery, corresponding to this wonderful holiday.Question: how to decorate an apartment for New Year 2016 is becoming more urgent as we approach the cherished date - December 31 th.It is advisable not to delay the acquisition or production of items New Year's decor and without hurry, bustle to do the decoration of his house to make it look perfect, in accordance with the requirements of the mistress of the coming year - a fun and unstable Monkeys.


  1. Ideas Christmas Decoration apartments
  2. Photo decoration apartment on New Year's

Ideas Christmas Decoration apartments

Decorating an apartment for the New Year 2016 should bring joy to its inhabitants,therefore, you can do it as a family, think in advance and specifying all the details.Red fire monkey to the liking of a bright red color and its shades: r

ed, crimson, burgundy, cherry, scarlet, crimson, etc.Particular attention should be paid to the fiery colors - golden, yellow, orange.These colors and shades should set the tone for Christmas decorations apartment.

When making a New Year's table, it is desirable to give preference to the red and white color scheme.On the snow-white tablecloth festive plates and utensils in red will look perfect.The table should definitely decorate burgundy candles in the original sconces and pine branches.

dressing the Christmas tree, to be preferred toys and tinsel red and fiery colors.It is advantageous to look Christmas tree, decorated with crimson balls and beads.Luxuriously look golden balls, diluting the splendor of scarlet Christmas tree decoration.

Decorating an apartment on New Year's Eve with his own hands, it is necessary to pay attention to the windows so that they are beautiful and ornate.This year, designers are advised to cut apart from napkins or tissue paper traditional white snowflakes on the window glass paste purple or crimson.Also, it is possible by means of special stencils and ordinary toothpaste, diluted with water, paint on the windows fairy tales.This session will bring great pleasure to the kids.They probably will agree to participate in face painting window glass reindeer, snow-covered houses, trees, figures of favorite fairy tale characters, etc.Alternatively, you can use special stickers for windows, an abundance presented for sale on the eve of New Year holidays.Well sprayed from the spray artificial snow, you can create a special effect powdered glass.

To decorate the ceiling, you should definitely take a spectacular garlands of all shades of red.They can be purchased in stores, as well as make their own hands, using pictures and ideas in the article.It is desirable to tie the ceiling garlands figurines funny monkeys.Also, give a special charm to the dwelling hanging from the ceiling volumetric snowflakes and composition of the balls in the form of bulk bunches.

Decorating an apartment for the New Year, particular attention should be paid to the walls.They can be decorated using Christmas-tree balls consistently tied to wire strands.Originally look flat or three-dimensional figures of monkeys that are attached by means of pins to wall carpet or curtains.

On the door of traditional Christmas wreaths can be attached, personally made of fir or pine branches.Secure them with steel wire frame can be with children or on their own to build a luxurious composition, decorate a wreath with the help of balloons, streamers, rain and natural material, pripasёnnogo advance (cones, dried fruits, etc.).

Photo decoration apartment on New Year's

New Year decoration ideas - a lot.Which one to use, households decide on an individual basis.What matters is that as a result decorated apartment looked stunning and festive.After all, what could be more important than your house is decorated for the New Year with a soul and pleasure!Christmas decoration apartments, made originally and inventively, not only bring a lot of joy to children and adults, but also to be remembered to all guests for a long time.