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August 12, 2017 18:05

Goat for sawing wood with their hands

Folding goat for firewood is a convenient and compact stand.It makes it easy to carry out sawing of logs and planks.Folding Stand not take up much space and can be stored in a shed or garage.For the manufacture of the design need to procure high-quality timber and board.Stand Assembly takes about 2 hours.


  1. Materials
  2. Step by step instructions on making Sawhorses
  3. Features storage and operation of goats
  4. Video goat manufacturing for cutting wood with his hands


collect wooden goat for sawing wood with their hands is easy.But the work is recommended to use durable materials.To maximize the life of the structure should be pre-treated with wood preservative.This will protect the material from moisture, prevent their damage by harmful insects.

Made wooden goat for sawing wood out of the parameters of 1x1 m. This size of the product is sufficient for cutting and large logs, stumps and small.Before starting work, the executor will need to prepare the following

materials and auxiliary products:

  • timber: 6 units with a length of 1 meter;
  • board 4 with the unit length of 1 meter and a width of approximately 7.8 cm;
  • M8 bolts: 3;
  • nuts and washers: 3 pieces;
  • screws for wood: 24 pieces.

of these materials and consumable items can be assembled compact folding goat, which will have a high resistance.Additionally, for the work will require a screwdriver, wood saw.

Step by step instructions on making Sawhorses

work on making the goats for sawing wood begins with the blank bolt holes.To do this, you must put the two pillars at each other (lateral ribs) and at around 70 cm from the bottom edge of the drill holes.

further between them, you must install the M8 bolt with semi-circular cap.

necessary to make the connection of the first pair of legs, tighten the bolt, washer and nut set.

Repeat the procedure for another two reference pairs.Further work is being done according to the following scheme:

1. Use the jigsaw to saw boards harvested for binding feet.If the board were procured in accordance with the set parameters (with the width of 7-8 cm), they do not need to spend sawing.

2. On paired boards, disposable one hand a goat, drill two vertical holes at a distance of 67 mm on each side (see. Goat drawing).In addition, holes are drilled from one side at a distance of 245 mm.

3. The second pair of boards necessary to prepare the following vertical pair of holes: 22 mm distance from the edge on both sides, at a distance of 335 mm from one edge.

4. The prepared boards, pre-broken in pairs, are screwed to the legs: the bottom at a distance of 80 mm from the edge of the top at a distance of 535 mm from the edge (see diagram wooden goat.).These margins are measured at the bottom of the board to the line.

paired screwing important to observe the coincidence of padding.Offset fixing points for the left and right cross excludes them bolting to one the beam than increases the strength of design.

Features storage and operation of goats

Through the work of this manual, it is recommended to additionally use the accompanying drawings, photos and video materials.They will help to make strong Sawhorses easily.The finished structure can hold a lot of weight, but it is important to keep it under normal conditions: dry room.Constant exposure to moisture or humid air will result in the destruction of materials.

especially important to take into account the rules for the use of the workpiece.It is not recommended to overload the heavy logs.Suitable folding sawhorse for sawing wood and chainsaw hand saw.Robust design will be indispensable at their summer cottage or in a private home.With it you can easily and quickly cut firewood, logs for kindling oven, barbecue or fireplace home.

Video goat manufacturing for cutting wood with his hands