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August 12, 2017 18:05

Finnish candle with his own hands

Finnish candle - a kind of mini-fire, which is produced from a small stump or cutting logs.It is used for cooking in the boiler, water heater.It may be a good replacement for your ordinary fire during the evening gatherings in nature.Made Finnish candle with your hands in just 20 minutes, the burning time is about half an hour.


  1. Features of manufacture and use of the Finnish candles
  2. Features billet mini fire
  3. Videos how to make a Finnish candle

Features of manufacture and use of the Finnish candles

for harvestingFinnish (Swedish, Indian) candles need a small stump or log.Easy to manufacture the device may be used for lighting and decorating even for short open areas.Tourists often used as a portable light source or cooking food.To create the spark needed a little time, but the duration of combustion and heat produced from it are optimum for making porridge, boil water in a campaign.

Features billet mini fire

Conveniently spend sawing chump allow pre-treatment: in

the center is necessary to drill a hole with a diameter of about 2-3 cm

The same procedure is necessary to carry out a stump or a log larger size and weight..The hole in the main block of wood inserted a stick (can be replaced by a branch).On the installed stick is strung with large log parameters.This will enable the counterweight to make the candle gently and safely.After the connection logs and stacking them on the goat for sawing wood work is carried out according to the following instructions:

1. The log is sawn crosswise with an electric or gasoline saws.The depth of cut should not exceed 2/3 of the total height of the chump.

2. Using a conventional lit candle wax (or wax) are covered by the side portions, the bottom cut.

3. to cut off a small strip of paper (the paper can be used) with a length of 4-5 cm greater than the depth of cut.Fold in half, and then expanded, the place of the fold poured paraffin shavings.It is important to bear in mind that layer to do great, but so that the paper is then folded easily, and the wax does not spill.

4. Paper paraffin wraps lengthwise.And with the help of a pencil, screwdriver or thick needles pushed into the cross-cut.It is important to carry out the procedure carefully so as not to damage the paper and not to spill the wax.4-5 cm of paper with paraffin wax should remain on a stump.

5. The resulting molten paraffin wick is fixed.To do this, set fire to a conventional spark plug and pour a consumable composition space abutting the wick to a tree.At this stage, a Finnish candle will be completely ready.

To get a burning log, the executor is required only to set fire to the wick made.Due to the presence within the beam will burn through the wax slowly while the temperature is maintained.Made Finnish candle with your hands in just 15-20 minutes.If the artist is not electric or gasoline saw, the cuts should be made manually.Custom mini-fire can be used in the campaigns (it is important to take into account the weight of the candles) or for home camping.

That made Finnish candle will burn brightly, will help ensure the accompanying photo and video materials.However, the contractor should bear in mind that cuts in the log should not be too deep: in this case, it burned very quickly.It is equally important to set the ignition of block on the tiles or a metal plate.This will eliminate the risk of fire the surrounding dry vegetation.In the absence of special stands, you can set the candle on previously cleared of grass and leaves earthen platform.

Videos how to make a Finnish candle