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August 12, 2017 18:05

Polennitsa own hands

Protecting wood from moisture depends on the quality established by the woodpile.Collecting her best of aluminum profiles for the long life of the finished structure.Production takes just 3-4 hours and does not require special skills from the performer.The owner only need to prepare profiles, bolts with nuts and washers, and to draw up a design drawing.


  1. Getting Started
  2. Assembly woodpile for
  3. firewood Video manufacturing woodpile with his hands

Getting Started

Before assembling woodpile necessary to carry out an accurate measurement of spacewhere the owners will keep the wood.Metal structures are only framing it on the sides and bottom, top roof will be located.This will neatly store the wood and protect them from direct exposure to rain.Product design is quite simple: each side has two high profile, to which is attached the two cross member, one slanted profile and two parallel limiter.

going a pile with their hands quite easily.But first you need to carry out p

runing profiles.Particular attention should be paid to the slope of the roof: Profiles should be cut at a slight angle.Strong bevel lead to water drainage before the woodpile, thus suffer from damp wood located downstairs.Sleepers allows firmly fixed longitudinal guides.They will help to conveniently stow wood, without worrying about their displacement.Exclude the upper cross member is not necessary: ​​without it, the design is rather weak.

Assembly woodpile firewood

First Executive need to connect four longitudinal profile (extreme are the main pillars).They even laid on top of them are located upper and lower cross members.Retaliation placed on the joints of the elements.Harvest bolt holes.The operation is repeated twice: for the left and right side of the woodpile.

An important feature of the product is a style - on the side (reference) profiles will not be visible joints.For this work is recommended to use products with more bandwidth, creating inside the profile groove.In this slot can make bolts for connecting elements without difficulty.At the top, they will support the adjacent components of the nut.After harvesting the required fasteners can begin to close the assembly.It is made with their own hands a pile of metal at such instructions:

1. To support the profiles attached upper jumper (will support the roof) and a lower cross member (strictly below, without spaces).

2. The longitudinal profiles are screwed to the lower cross member and the upper delimiter is fixed perpendicular to the support members.

3. The longitudinal profiles are bolted to the top of the perpendicular cross member.

4. Between the lower cross member left and right walls are bolted 4 profiles, which will be the basis for the design.

5. To the upper sloping roof profiles attached (you can use an ordinary polycarbonate).

Next artist just need to move the finished design to the selected installation site.Stylish stack of wood will be completely ready for operation.Through the use of aluminum profiles, it will serve the owners for many years.

instructions on how to make a woodpile, firewood, quality will equip any area near your home or business extensions.But it is important to remember the rules of selection of basic elements and fasteners.To a pile in the country or outside the house did not require repair, it is recommended to use galvanized bolts, nuts and washers, as they are not covered with rust after 1-2 years.Additional nuances for the production of high-quality woodpile sure to check out in the video lessons.

Video manufacturing woodpile with his hands