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August 12, 2017 18:05

Calculator bricks to build a house

Dimensions residential house

perimeter (m):

Height (m):

Architectural features

number of external doors (pcs):

width of one door (m):

height single door (m):

number of windows (pc):

width of the window (m):

height of window (m):


masonry View:

Brick Brick thickened single slit slit (bastard) Brick double aerated 2,1 NF porous ceramic block 4,5NF porous ceramic block 9 block NF porous ceramic block NF 10.7 14.3 porous ceramic NF Brick full singleBrick, facing hollow single brick front hollow thickened gas silicate blocks 19 * 29 * 59 block silicate 20 * 29 * 59 block silicate 40 * 25 * 60 Lightweight aggregate block of lightweight aggregate partition

thickness masonry (m):

seam thickness (solution) (m):

Rate how much will the construction of the house, only in the calculation of the flow of the base material and auxiliary substances.All future owners, according to available data make estimates and preparing for the purchase of construction

materials.Non-professionals help in obtaining such an estimate can special calculator for bricks or blocks for construction of the house.Simple system administration allows you to understand the work of online applications with ease.

How to calculate the number of bricks to build a house?

The first step is to enter the parameters of the house: the perimeter of the figure and height.Corner layout in most cases does not require any material consumption, so specify in the online calculator bricks should only sum of the length and width of the structure.The height can be any, but you need to remember about the possible construction of the attic, where additional costs of construction materials.Calculator calculations for buildings in the form of parallelepipeds.

number and parameters of doors is particularly important to create not only the main entrance, and access to the backyard.Take into account that the application will calculate consumption for products with identical parameters.If different sizes of doors (entrance will be made to order), you must specify the height and width less of them.

When you install different windows need to also select the medium and small settings and specify them.Excess material after such calculations can be useful for the construction of an extension.A lack of impact on the need for additional purchases, which is not convenient for all owners.That is why in the calculator for calculating brick must take into account all the nuances of building a house.This will get an approximate result with minimum error.

Introduction by laying basic materials and data

exact calculation blocks or bricks to the house in the online calculator is based on the dimensional characteristics of one unit and the applied amount of the solution.It is important to specify the thickness of the masonry, which will let you know exactly how many bricks or blocks needed to obtain it.Further, the total number (composed by the parameters of the structure) will be taken away before the summed parameters windows and doors.The end result will indicate the approximate amount of materials required for the construction of a brick house.

users should remember that brick calculator gives the result required for the construction of the house-carton.Any stylistic additions, completion of the attic, making small additions or thickening in the region of the cap must be added separately.

also need to know how to calculate the number of bricks in the house.It is this material is used by most developers and allows further protect the building, giving it an attractive appearance.lining is calculated according to the thickness of one element and indicates the additional amount required for external finishing works.