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August 12, 2017 18:05

Calculator foundation

perimeter (m):

depth of the underground part of the (m):

height of the aerial part (m):

Width (m):

concrete Brand:

M-100 M-150 M-200 M-250 M-300

foundation - foundation of the house, on which depends the durability, reliability and safety of the structure.Therefore, before pouring it, it is necessary to conduct a study of land soil.Choosing the type of foundation and budgeting at its masonry costs depend on the composition and soil parameters.Online calculator allows calculation of the foundation properly design foundation of the house with an engineering and technical perspective.

How to calculate your own foundation?

In order to determine the required volume of concrete (V) for the foundation of the house is used a special formula, which provides for a multiplication of the following indicators design:

  • P - perimeter of the foundation;
  • H - height basement (underground and aboveground parts);
  • B - width of the foundation.

V = P * H * B

In calculating the proportion of concrete, it is necessary to take into account the brand of cement, sand and gravel factionalism, as well as their degree of density.Calculator concrete foundation under the house will give the required volume of concrete in cubic meters.It also provides online payment materials (fittings, cement, sand, gravel, shuttering boards) to the foundation.The number of valves required is indicated in meters of sand and gravel in tonnes.

Calculation of the strip foundation

Tape base - the most popular type of foundation that is due to its technical characteristics and economic benefits.

Efficient design will allow the foundation to distribute the external loads correctly on the perimeter, which is an important stage in the follow construction works.Autograph count foundation has a high probability of errors which over the years of operation at home fraught with the destruction of the structure.Specially designed calculator for calculating strip foundation engineering takes into account the subtleties of his devices.

results indicate requested parameters in the relevant input field involves obtaining data on:

  • reinforcement of the foundation;
  • shuttering material;
  • volume of concrete, cement, sand and gravel.

convenient and simple online calculator is designed to significantly simplify the process of settlement of the tape base.