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August 12, 2017 18:05

Calculator plaster consumption for 1m2

plaster Type:

Gypsum Decorative bark Rotband cement mixture Vetonit

wall Length (m):

wall height (m):

Layer Thickness (mm):

Plaster - the fast, easy and affordable method for leveling walls.Those who want to do the repairs yourself, without the help of the masters, before starting work wondering how much material you will need.Of course, today, many sellers of building materials can take back the remaining material, but it's a waste of time and effort.It is much easier to use a flow rate calculator to stucco 1m2.

With this service is possible not only to calculate the amount of material, but also to calculate the approximate amount that will be spent on the purchase of the same mortars.So, how to calculate the amount of plaster and what criteria are taken into account in the exercise of counting:

  • mortar - every type of plaster provides its own norms of production and consumption;
  • curvature of the walls - the larger and deeper the curvature, the greater the flow.

Using the online calculator flow plaster walls in the appropriate box should fit the thickness of the intended layer.For exact parameters walls should be cleaned of debris and install beacons.

Consumption depending on the manufacturer

Note plaster wall construction calculator allows the user to choose what kind of solution will be used:

  • mortar - according to the regulations of 1 m2 consumed 17 kg of the solution;
  • plaster - according to the standards the thickness of the plaster plaster mixture should be about 10 cm, on this basis by 1 m2 consumed 9 kg of the mixture;
  • decorative plaster - thickness of 50 mm, the flow rate of 8.5 kg per 1 m2;
  • bark beetle - with a thickness of 1 mm flow - 3 kg per 1 m2, pitted used exclusively for finishing;
  • Volma - 12 kg per 1m2, the work can be done both manually and with the help of special machines;
  • Venetian plaster - 200 gr.per square meter, the flow rate may be lower, it depends on the thickness and shape of the pattern.

Calculator to calculate the flow of plaster quite clear and easy to use.Suffice it to pre-calculate the thickness of the plaster layer and decide on the building mixtures, to enter data into the program and get the results to go to the hardware store.