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August 12, 2017 18:05

Repair small apartment

Nowadays, even a small apartment with the help of modern equipment and materials can be converted into a very comfortable and cozy.So where do we start repair small apartment with his hands ?


  1. Repair small apartment with his hands
  2. Stages repair small apartment

Repair small apartment with his hands

First you need to understand that a great repair is not so scary,as it might seem at first.

First compositions plan for the upcoming repair , in the future it will save time, money and our nerves.We think what we want to see a small apartment after repair, for this you can either hire a professional designer, or a spy ideas for repairing small apartment on our photo .

So, we finally found what they were looking for all my life, and that will transform our little apartment in a dream apartment.Now we need to think about the tools and materials that will be needed in the course of repair.All at once, and you can not buy, it is better to do everything step by step.

Stages repair small apartment

Well, the first step is dismantling of all old and unnecessary .Get rid of old wallpaper, whitewash, doors, baseboards, no need of furniture and floor coverings course, if we decided to change his.And all that's left is better a good shelter, as dust will be enough.This is probably all go to the next step.

Replacement water supply, sewerage and communications wiring.Then it all starts with shtrobleniya walls and laying wiring (TV, Internet, electricity, acoustics, etc.) and the installation of plumbing and heating equipment.It will very dirty and dusty stage of our repair , where we clearly present and we know where we will be in equipment that requires electricity and plumbing.

The next step is the rough work on the preparation of ceilings.This includes all work on plaster, installation of hinged podpotolochnye systems, plaster, polishing and cleaning.As a result, the ceiling should get ready for pasting or painting, exceptions are ceilings, they are recommended to do in the last turn.

Go ahead, then it's time to replace windows and rough finish walls.If the replacement of windows in our master plan does not include their best to hide tight as during alignment, plaster, putty and stripping the walls will be a lot of dust.

Next on the plan to move to the floor , it all depends on what we choose - it can be as laminate and parquet or floor tiles.In any case, the first thing you need to perform work on the alignment and placement of sound insulation.After completing all the work floor, it is best to hide all this layer of cardboard, because in front of us waiting for finishing walls and ceilings.

That comes repair small apartment to an end, here everything becomes easier gruntuem ceiling and walls with subsequent grinding and cleaning of dust.At this stage, on a par with painting and pasting, you can think of transparent or translucent partitions, stained-glass windows.If you live in an apartment a few people, it will give more comfort as a private space will be for everyone.It is best to acquire built-in appliances and furniture, it is very save space in a small apartment.Ceilings and walls are best done in bright colors, provided that the ceiling will be lighter than the walls, it will make all tourists and volume in our apartment.You should pay attention to light, it is not necessary to hang bulky chandeliers and lamps, chandeliers do best with a few petals, shades, or spot lights.

As can be seen repairing a one-room small apartment with his hands quite real.To do this, you need only a little patience and diligence, and be sure to succeed!