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August 12, 2017 18:05

How to get rid of mold in the apartment ?

mold in the apartment does not appear by itself.Typically, this is an indicator of high humidity in the room, a violation of waterproofing the walls or the presence of oozing leaks in the ceiling.The question immediately arises: how do you get rid of mold in the apartment?Simply remove the mold is simple: you have to clean the surface, which is easy in principle.However, if not completely eliminate the reasons which caused her, she appears again.Therefore, if the walls or the ceiling, there was mold is first necessary to establish the cause of its appearance in the bathroom or the room.


  1. reason waterproofing
  2. necessary to establish ventilation
  3. Reduce heat loss
  4. How to remove the fungus in the apartment?

reason waterproofing

If there was mold on the wall bordering the street are likely to have improved waterproofing.This can handle all sorts of surface hydrophobic primers.If the house panel, the moisture comes from the mean low-quality embedded seams.If there was mold

in the room on the first floor on the walls or the floor below, dampness means rises from the bottom of the basement and waterproofing should be done on this side.In some cases, especially if the panel violated the seams, you need to write an application to the management company, the latter has to carry out work to restore the joints.

necessary to establish ventilation

After finding the causes of mold in the apartment, and the elimination of possible leaks and other factors causing it, you can check the ventilation in the room.Perhaps if the house is old, it is necessary to clean the ventilation, which is also possible to apply to workers housing department.Installation of plastic glazing violates air circulation.To improve it, you can simply ventilate the room more often, set the climate control system on the box or simply to calculate and set the air conditioning system.If mold is found on the wall behind the furniture, after its destruction of furniture will need to be put in this place away from the wall to provide better air circulation.

Reduce heat loss

Insufficient heating can cause the appearance of mold on the walls in the apartment.Moisture not only comes from outside the house, but may condense on the inside of the vapor of human breathing and so on. If the battery is cold, you need to wash them, to replace the old cast iron.Carefully need to check that the sill does not overlap the flow of warm air upwards.The front door should be completely insulated, window installation joints must not be purged, slopes should also be insulated.

In some cases, if the lesion wall is much colder than the air temperature in the room may be necessary insulation of the facade.The apartment is located on the 1st floor of the facade can be warm on its own.If the apartment is located in a building on the higher floors have to resort to the services of repair companies in the state who have Ind.climbers, which are qualitatively insulate the facade outside.If your budget is limited, you can insulate the wall from inside the polystyrene plates.The event is not particularly expensive, and its only drawback - a small reduction in floor space.

How to remove the fungus in the apartment?

After such preparatory work can begin to direct the removal of mold on the walls in the apartment.First you need to remove and discard the affected wallpaper spatula and gently clean off the top layer of the affected surface.Then station construction should be thoroughly dry hairdryer.After drying on the wall with a brush to apply a special primer antiplesen with antiseptic.The store offers a large selection of a variety of means of mold in the apartment.Chemistry will completely destroy the remnants of fungi.The label means is written how many layers you need to put on the wall for better efficiency.When completely dry, you can restore the finish.