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August 12, 2017 18:05

Repair of office

equipment and repair the cabinet with his own hands is not quite a simple task.If you, nevertheless, decided to take this important step, you should learn some important aspects and to cling to the advice of professionals.So, how to make repairs in office?Let's start!


  1. Personal space - office
  2. It's all about style
  3. Colorful repair
  4. ceiling
  5. Paul
  6. Office furniture
  7. Armchair
  8. Lighting
  9. Greening

Personal space - office

If your home has never been a special office space, decide for yourself where you would like to spend their time.

you can carve out of the room at his private office space, it can also be a separate room.If there is none, in principle, not difficult to divide one big room into two.And it is not necessary to build another wall, will be sufficient to use a sliding room dividers or install tight Japanese screens or curtains.Home -. That in your selected site was not a permanent pedestrian traffic, the annoying noise of the street, TV, etc. Be sure to

do the work if the space in it most productive, organized, comfortable, a word chosen by you - professional.

It's all about style

Think about what colors will radiate future cabinet .If you are an accountant, lawyer, or President of the company, you need a professional to repair the office manager, who would display perfect order and balance.If you are a graphic designer, website developer, photographer or work in advertising, in a word, the creator, your office simply has to display more colorful and flamboyant style!

Colorful repair

Experiment with colors.Neutral colors such as white, beige, cream, color, light tan or dark gray will be an excellent solution for professional office, while a palette of bright colors would be suitable for the creative individuals, as well as for cabinet art studios .


extremely light colors - light walls, and, especially, sex.For example, shades of cream, magnolia, seashell, brass.


wooden floor - can be something better!Dark natural wood, a rug under the feet (under the desk, next to the sofa).

Office furniture

Think carefully over office furniture , before making a purchase.Mahogany and dark rocks will scream about your professionalism in the field of interior decoration, as well as directly in your work.Stainless steel combined with the small-diameter wood, for example, light oak, pine, maple is an excellent choice for the teacher's office or waiting room.

to construction and repair a study were the most successful, do not forget about the importance of computer desk, small conference table, at least 2 chairs for visitors, a large bookcase and separate shelves for folders, stationery, documents and others.


Make sure that you have chosen one of the most comfortable, adjustable and ergonomic chairs that were in the presence of a huge furniture store.After all, working in the office and sitting for long hours in the same position, you can earn a lot of health problems.


Make cabinet repair apartment exciting, as in the photographs in the paper.Play around with the light, select the appropriate lamps, chandeliers, table lamp.

Remember that natural lighting - this is one of the key points in the design of the cabinet.Do not hang heavy, dark curtains.Let pane will always be open, the window - not shuttered, and most importantly - clean.


In the end, do not forget about greenery .Plants will not only please the eye, but also contribute to the productivity, keeping the air clean by removing toxic emissions.

Important trivia and appliances: buy desktop clock, calendar, business card holder, table organizer, photography;computer, printer, fax, run the Internet, a separate telephone line.

Do not be afraid to experiment, because the ergonomics of your premises - a guarantee of quality and comfort of your work!