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August 12, 2017 18:05

Stages of repair of apartments

We all experienced at least once in their life with the need to repair his apartment.The options in this case there may be two: you can resort to the help of professional artists, and you can try to do it yourself, which is not too difficult.The main thing - it's strictly follow the basic rules and tips.


  1. Milestones repair apartments
  2. nuances of the stages of repair in apartment

Milestones repair apartments

actually repair the apartment with his hands begins with preparation phase space: the walls are cleaned of old paint and wallpaper, ceiling - from the whitewash and plaster, flooring - from ceramic tiles and parquet.

Thereafter to begin to replace the pipes and, if required, wiring.We think over the number and location of switches and sockets, to cut through the wall slopes for electrical wires, then made using copper cable and carry out the installation of sockets.

next step, you can align the ceiling, floor and walls as in the photo.This can be done eith

er by the lack of an additional plastering raised areas, either by breaking off the excess plaster.If you do not want to mess around for a long time from the ceiling whitewash - order the tension: it looks aesthetically pleasing and serves long.With regard to repair the floor, then there are several ways, and the choice of one or another depends on the type of flooring, the absence or presence of thresholds, the material bases of gender and other factors.

After the floor repair is made, the walls and ceiling, you can start pasting wallpaper or painting the walls, tiling.But before that you need to be primed plastered surface.

If you want to know in advance how your apartment will look after the repair, use a special program for the development of Visualizer apartment design.If you are interested in living the experience, you can learn a lot of ideas from photos in this article.

nuances of the stages of repair in apartment

Now I would like to give a few nuances or, one might say, valuable tips on stages of repair of an apartment with his hands :

1. repair usually starts with the most distant rooms and is gradually moving towards the door.

2. First make repairs bathroom, toilet.After all, as a rule, all "rough" work concentrated in the rank.node.

3. At least better repair of loggias and balconies.It is possible to store a variety of tools and building materials.

It is important to observe all stages of repair of an apartment with his hands, so you do not have to redo everything again.

To sum up the above, we note the following: The most important thing - it is well thought-out and the sequence of actions.The entire plan should be drawn up before the start of repair.Good luck!