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August 12, 2017 18:05

Arch made ​​of plasterboard with their hands

Arch is a good way to expand the space in your home.Get rid of the doors and expand the doorway - it is a good prospect for small apartments.And when you consider that it is modern, it turns out an excellent choice.But to build an arch made of plasterboard with their hands can be different.For high quality of work should be followed step by step instructions.


  1. Step by step instructions on the arch installation of drywall
  2. Photos Interior arches
  3. Video arches manufacture of plasterboard with their hands

Step by Step Installation arch made of plasterboard

Initially required, of course, decide on the material and to buy it.We will look at the production of the arch of the drywall, as this is the easiest option and the budget, and the material is easy to handle, allowing even a novice in the construction business to cope with the work.

Having the material is determined by an external view.This is the most crucial moment, as not every arch will look aesthetically pleasi

ng it is in your room.Determine the shape of the arch without the designer is not difficult, just trust your intuition, and imagine the future arch, then be sure to make a detailed sketch or see photo examples in this article.In the sketch, you must specify all the key figures - is the height of the beginning of the curvature radius, the parameters of the top of the arch from the floor.Then measure the real parameters of the opening and calculate everything on paper, find the center of the arch on both edges of the walls.

further prepare himself opening for the installation of the arch.This is no small point because it affects the aesthetics.It is necessary to make the alignment of the side walls on a level with the help of putty, plastering or drywall.It should be noted that it is easier to align the walls of plasterboard, but he will steal you a few centimeters of space.When aligning to achieve the maximum level surface, since the basis of the arches used metal profile, then clearly that he did not exactly lie on the curve of the wall.Therefore, even the arch needed straight walls.

receiving level field to set the arch, starting with drawing marks with a marker or pencil.That is now taking a sketch on the wall, indicating all the key points.

ready to install metal profile.It already is the beginning of the arch of the drywall installation.When installing the profile must take into account that the drywall itself has a thickness of more than a centimeter, so you need to pull back so that the arch has not got out of the plane of the wall.

After correct calculation fasten horizontal, that is, the upper part of the structure.Then fasten the vertical part, starting from the top, and the length of the profile - this is the length of the arch bend.

Then do a special metal profile arc, but that would be the center of the circle pointed to previously deposited mark.Fixing profile is the most delicate work, as everything should be accurate to the millimeter.

Otherwise, make a mistake, your arch will simply not symmetrical.You can watch a video about how to make the arch of interior with their own hands.Also on our website you can see photos phased installation of drywall arches.

Well now proceed to the final step of installation of interior arches, namely fixing plasterboard.Arch itself is constructed from two half-waves, so how to achieve bending one piece of drywall can not be, it simply breaks down.Mark and begin to mount from above, gradually sinking down by cutting sheets of the desired length.

In this case, a small surplus, you can gently remove.The following is only necessary to cut the drywall strip and secure them from the lower arches point to the floor to the wall was on a par with the arch.

Photos Interior arches

manufacturing arch Video of plasterboard with their hands