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August 12, 2017 18:05

Apartment renovation

Most of the time people spend at home, that is, in the apartment, which is to be comfortable, cozy and personal.The apartment interior is no less important than the appearance of the person living in it.In this regard, the recent years have been increasingly developed in different finishes apartments, redevelopment, zoning, applying any decoration styles of apartments, ranging from classical to modern.


  1. Where to start finishing flat?
    1. ceiling
    2. Walls
    3. Paul
  2. photo finishing flat
  3. Video finishing flat

Modern concepts of repair dictate demands on housing, so the apartment for a long time has become not just a living area, andconvenient, beautiful, stylish and functional room reflecting the owner's taste and priorities.Options, in which the apartments furnish shown in the photo below.

finishing touch each repair is the interior decoration of apartments, in which carefully think through all of the elements from the materials, decorative items, lamps, wall color, furni

ture, wallpaper and ending with accessories.

Furnish of apartments begins when completed major repair processes: alteration, remodeling, plastering, leveling putty.

Where to start finishing flat?

Decorative finishing of apartments is carried out in several stages, which can be considered separately.


All defects in the ceiling, always catch the eye, so it is very important to qualitatively carry out all the work on the arrangement and design.Options may be different: painting, paperhanging, suspended, suspended, consisting of rods and plates.Suspended and tile mounted on a frame, easy, easy, easy to attach to any surface.For the manufacture of gypsum or use special tiles.Pinion consist of panels and fastening system.There are aluminum, matte, glossy, colored and mirrored;do not rust, are waterproof and are used in wet areas such as kitchen and bathroom.

Designers create different variants of multi-level, combined ceiling, carried out drywall.

widespread and popular stretch ceilings are made of PVC fabric, stretched on a frame made of wood or metal.

All of these types look great, they are not afraid of moisture and corrosion, perfectly smooth and even, as well as hide all defects and communication.Create a beautiful and stylish interiors of the apartments will help built-in lights and lamps of different configurations.Options can be seen in the photo below.


technology Variety allows you to choose modern and practical material, depending on the destination premises, whereby finishing the new flats will look stylish.For example, not only to decorate the wall wallpaper but also a decorative stone, micro-cement, plastic panels and other modern materials.Decorating Style Apartments dictate the choice of colors and textures in the design of the walls and floor.


Paul is the finishing touch, the coating is chosen individually, according to the design.Ceramic tiles fit in bathrooms, hallways and corridors, and linoleum, laminate flooring in the living room, kitchen, bedrooms.On the carpet is usually comfortable and conveniently will be in the children's rooms and bedrooms.

To complete all the strokes necessary to fix skirting, cornices set, lights, decorate works of art and other accessories, as well as arrange the furniture for its intended purpose.All this can be done with their own hands, seeing an example of decoration apartments on the video below in the article.

photo finishing flat

Video finishing flat