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August 12, 2017 18:05

fence Decor

Catching arrangement fence his plot, the owners have several objectives: reliability, protect property, stylistic and color match the fence structure.aesthetic perception contributes to the improvement of the fence decoration, which operate in several ways, which will be discussed below.Submitted photos and videos will help you understand how to put ideas into practice.


  1. Species decor fences
  2. Photo decor fence
  3. Video decor fence with their hands

decor Species protections

There are the following ways to design fencing:

  • verticallandscaping;
  • wire structure;
  • wood carving;
  • art forging;
  • painting simulating a variety of materials.

easiest option fence decor in the country - painted mesh-netting.Stain can be stripes, geometric shapes, individual patterns.Fantasy is not limited.Also, "embroider" fence of mesh netting thin wire on the same principles that the embroidery is done on the fabric.The resulting pattern is painted.

To perform decor fence with his hands in

the form of carved ornaments not necessarily have the skills of woodcarving.In commercially available ready-made elements that you just nailed to the fence, and then paint.So with little effort, you can get the original design of the wooden colors, funny characters.Of course, they made their own elements give the fence a unique look.Thus, you can create an entire composition.

durable metal elements.Contacting studio art forging exclusive fence will solve the problem of decoration.Forged elements can be mounted as a trellis fence, as well as to other types of structures.Today the market offers ready-made wrought iron elements, which can be used in the decoration of the fences.

staining - a typical variant of decorating the fence.Today, it has not lost its relevance.Especially when you make a painting claimed by fences made of corrugated board.Painted professional landscape or still life revive the overall impression of the hollow structure.Often profiled paint, simulating wood or masonry.The paper used for facade paint, able to maintain a pleasant appearance for a long time.In the photo you can see good examples.

The most popular decoration fence plants.There are 2 options:

  • land near creepers;
  • to lasting fence (brick) to attach the boxes with flowers.

first option is used to design the decor of any fences.And mesh-netting, and other barriers can withstand the whip ivy, honeysuckle, hops.If planted climbing rose around-netting grid will require additional strengthening.The advantage of these plants is that they are perennials.Therefore there is no need to engage in annual landings.Annuals are climbing plants (peas, morning glory) to quickly tighten the fence, but the next year will need to be engaged in planting again.

second option involves attachment to the surface of the enclosure boxes of diverse forms with lush flowering plants.

stone or brick fence can be issued by a moss.The result is a design that resembles the ancient ruins.For such a design require special masonry with gaps, which could fill up the ground and attach the moss.

original look appliqué made of plastic or discs.It may be fairy-tale characters, floristic or animalistic compositions.Monumental any design will give the natural stones, which can impose a concrete base.

Photo decor fence

Video decor fence with their hands