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August 12, 2017 18:05

Veranda Polycarbonate own hands

Construction of a small veranda of polycarbonate sheets allows you to quickly get an inexpensive extension to the house.The finished design can be used for outdoor activities in the summer.Due to the cost of materials available and their ease of assembly manufacturing terraces require a minimum of time and money.


  1. Base under the veranda of polycarbonate
  2. floor preparation and assembly of the basic
    elements of design
  3. Assembling the walls and roofs of porches
  4. Installation of windows and doors
  5. Photo veranda polycarbonate

Base under the veranda of polycarbonate

The optimal solution would be the production of a continuous footing.Easy veranda polycarbonate made with their own hands, can save on the preparation of the cap.For the manufacture of the foundation need to dig a trench, fill sand pillow, put the formwork.Inside lay the rebar, concrete to fill the resulting shape.Pour the base period will be approximately 1-2 weeks.

floor preparation and assembly of the basic elements of design

floor Production require backfilling sand and dense compaction.Next, sprinkle a small layer of fine gravel, laying hold of reinforcing mesh.Ligament cells is performed using conventional wire.Further held screed, which will serve as the basis for subsequent finishing.

to adjoining veranda to the house of the polycarbonate had a stylish look, can be used as a floor tile material or decking.Raw materials will have a long life and will highlight the uniqueness of the extension finishes.When finishing work will be completed, the contractor can carry out assembly of the major design components:

  1. secure the bottom profile to the strip foundation, set the corner-adapter between adjacent elements.
  2. Install wall profiles, firmly attaching them to the wall dowels.
  3. Mount angle profiles, for installation at the top of profiles, which will be laid roof.
  4. Perform the installation of the remaining vertical profiles (for subsequent installation of doors, windows, construction reinforcement for long walls).

Later veranda made of polycarbonate, adjoined to the house, no less simple.But it is important to remember that the tight fixing profiles jumper is not necessary: ​​in the future between them will be installed polycarbonate sheets.

Assembling the walls and roofs of porches

When porch frame will be completely ready, you can install themselves polycarbonate sheets.The first thing to fix the sheets, profiles which are adjacent to the walls.Further it is possible to carry out the installation of the remaining wall elements, excluding closing passages and areas where the window will be placed.To harvested veranda made of polycarbonate with his hands was really practical, it is recommended to install a couple of windows and leave space for the installation of the ventilation grille.

next step is glazed veranda polycarbonate top.For this purpose, the supporting profiles are mounted, are responsible for fixing sheets on the roof.Next, install and own sheets.If necessary, you need to leave space for the installation of the window at the top.

Installation of windows and doors

After polycarbonate veranda roof is stowed, and the profiles are completely fixed, you can proceed to the installation of doors and windows.You can use metal and plastic products with single glazing.They are lightweight and easy to install on the profiles.In addition, a summer terrace polycarbonate may include a small ventilation grille (with lockable blades).

At least held assembling polymer gutters responsible for drainage of rainwater.Thanks to them, a veranda in the country of polycarbonate will last as long as possible owners.Then, the arrangement of terraces: set chairs, sofas, tables.Using the attached photos you can find many original solutions for decorating annex.It is recommended to install an optional on-site vases with fresh flowers and attach the curtains.Fabric cloth well protect from the sun and will give a finished porch stylish look.

Photo veranda polycarbonate